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UFC Quick Quote: Paul Daley wrote Dana White a comeback letter, answer is 'No' ... for now

Dana White is going to have to think long and hard about lifting the lifetime ban on a now-apologetic Paul Daley.

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"What Paul Daley did was unforgivable. In the history of UFC, no one has ever walked up and sucker-punched a guy after the fight - it's never happened. It happened one time and it was with Paul Daley. Paul Daley had his management write me a letter a few days ago, saying [basically] he has grown up a lot since that incident, has been on a win streak, it's one of the biggest regrets of his life ... you know ... things like that. I showed it to Lorenzo [Fertitta] and he was like, ‘It's up to you, brother, what do you want to do?' It's such a hard one for me. I don't know, I haven't really had a chance to think about it. [If I had to decide right now I would say], ‘No.' But, I haven't really thought about it. It's just one of those things that is hard to forgive.... I always liked Paul Daley - I liked him as a fighter and the way he fought and everything else. But, I'm telling you, I walked into the Octagon that night when that was going on and he just didn't give a shit. He didn't give a shit.... There's a lot of things that I have forgiven in the past, but that's a big one."

-- Perhaps it's that time of the year, when exiled former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight, Paul Daley, hits up his former employer for one more chance. "Semtex" recently reached out to company president Dana White, asking him to reconsider the lifetime ban leveled moments after he sucker-punched Josh Koscheck at UFC 113 back in 2010. White, however, is unmoved -- at least for now -- telling reporters at UFC Fight Night 41's pre-event scrum (watch full video replay here) that he needs more time to think about Daley's latest overture. That seems reasonable, considering the British slugger has been unfazed up until recently about the incident, even joking a few years ago that he "could have thrown the punch better." Last year when UFC ignored his request around this time, Daley signed a three-fight deal with Europe-based BAMMA. To date, he has only satisfied one match under that contract, a first round knockout of Romario Manoel da Silva in Dec. 2013 (watch the crushing finish here). Daley is 11-4 since his UFC departure, competing under familiar banners such as Strikeforce, Bellator and Cage Warriors, among others, which apparently are no longer keeping "Semtex" interested ... or challenged.

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