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Video: Ricardo Palacios promises to break Adrien Broner's arm, slams 'stupid' Justin Bieber for trying to call out Diaz Bros.

Ricardo Palacios didn't take too kindly to Adrien Broner's racist comments after defeating Carlos Molina last weekend (May 3, 2014) in Las Vegas, Nevada. So now, the Combate Americas MMA fighter is challenging "The Problem" to a fight, saying he will break his arm and put him to sleep inside a cage.

Donald Sterling isn't the only person catching heat these days for offensive racial comments.

After his unanimous decision victory over Carlos Molina at last weekend's (May 3, 2014) "Mayweather vs. Maidana" boxing event in Las Vegas, Nevada, Adrien Broner took to the mic (video) to spew some inappropriate comments of his own.

"I'm the 'Can Man.' Anybody can get it, Africans and I just beat the fuck out of a Mexican," said Broner.

The remark drew the ire of fans in attendance and also caught the attention of Combate Americas fighter, Ricardo Palacios.

An upset Palacios took the opportunity to challenge Broner to a fight, saying he will "break his arm" and "put him to sleep" inside the cage for disrespecting his heritage.

"My name is Ricardo 'El Gallero' Palacios, some of you guys might know me from the show Combate Americas. I'm a professional MMA fighter. The main reason why I'm doing this video blog, I'm addressing an issue. You guys saw the boxing on May 3, headlined by Mayweather and Marcos. We had Adrien Broner fight in that fight. He did a good job, he won his fight, but during his interview he was dissing the Mexicans. That's the way I feel. He said he 'just fucked up a Mexican,' and called himself the 'Can Man.' I'm not fond of that, I'm Hispanic. I'm Mexican, my background is Mexican. Adrien Broner, if you got a problem with Mexicans, well you go can go ahead and step in the cage with me. We will fight at 135, 145, however you like it. After I put you to sleep, knock you out, whatever, you can get your trainer to comb your hair while your on the floor. Well get the paramedics and the doctors to sew up your mouth. Just shut that big mouth of yours, man. If you want, lets set it up, put it in the cage. Ain't none of that rolling of the shoulder or that bullshit. I'm a clinch you, hit you, kick you, punch you, take you down, ground-and-pound your ass, put you to sleep, break your arm ... whatever I can do. Shut that big mouth of yours. That's just one of the issues. You got all these celebrities thinking they are boxers now because they hang out with Mayweather. You got Justin Bieber ... you got Mayweather saying he's a natural just because he learned a freaking jab. He wants to call out the Diaz brothers. Are you crazy? Are you stupid? Man, you don't know what the hell you're going to do when you get in there. You'll probably start crying and try to get your security to take you out of that bitch. Then you have 'Lil Wayne' trying to pick a fight with Marcos' trainer and Marcos (Maidana) himself. Who do you guys think you are? Just because you have the money doesn't mean you can fight. You guys are going to get your asses knocked the fuck out, put to sleep or something. You guys got to check yourself."

Furthermore, Palacios also called out Justin Bieber and "Lil Wayne" for puffing out their chests after the event, as "The Bieb's" allegedly claimed he could take on UFC stars Nick and Nate Diaz, seeing as how his boxing is top notch thanks to training with Mayweather himself.


As for "Lil Wayne," he tried to get brave (video here) after the Mayweather fight, as he and members of his entourage were involved in a scuffle with Team Maidana backstage.

But, by the looks of it, it seems Palacios will have to wait a while before he can get his hands on Broner, as the outspoken boxer has been suspended by the World Boxing Counsel (WBC) for his tasteless remarks.

Furthermore, the WBC is demanding a public apology from Broner, and he will not be allowed to fight -- or be ranked -- until he issues one.

Not exactly a lifetime ban, but it will do.

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