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UFC Fight Night 40 results, LIVE online streaming coverage for 'Brown vs Silva'

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to FOX Sports 1 this weekend (Sat., May 10, 2014) with UFC Fight Night 40: "Brown vs. Silva" from U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Get complete, official results, live updates and real-time coverage starting at 8 p.m. ET on fight night below.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is back in action this weekend (Sat., May 10, 2014) with a FOX Sports 1-televised main card that features an explosive Welterweight main event between Matt Brown against Erick Silva.

The UFC Fight Night 40 action, which will take place inside U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET with a three-match "Prelims" under card that will stream online via Fight Pass digital network.

In addition to the headliner, Costas Philippou will collide with Lorenz Larkin in a meaningful Middleweight scrap, while Erik Koch will look to continue his Lightweight success at the expense of Daron Cruickshank.

All that and much, much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 40 fight card BELOW, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. ET, right on through the FOX Sports 2 under card action at 8 p.m. ET and the the FOX Sports 1 main card at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the streaming warfare to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 40) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Brown vs. Silva."

See below for the upcoming UFC Fight Night 40 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Matt Brown def. Erick Silva by TKO (strikes) at 2:11 of Round Three
Constantinos Philippou def. Lorenz Larkin by KO (punches) at 3:47 of Round One
Daron Cruickshank def. Erik Koch by TKO (head kick and strikes) at 3:21 of Round One
Neil Magny def. Tim Means by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Soa Palelei def. Ruan Potts by KO (punches) at 2:20 of Round One
Chris Cariaso def. Louis Smolka by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Ed Herman def. Rafael Natal by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Kyoji Horiguchi def. Darrell Montague by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Zak Cummings def. Yan Cabral by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Johnny Eduardo def. Eddie Wineland by TKO (punches) at 4:37 of Round One
Nik Lentz def. Manny Gamburyan by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Justin Salas def. Ben Wall by KO (punches) at 2:41 of Round One
Albert Tumenov def. Anthony Lapsley by KO (punch) at 3:56 of Round One


170 lbs.: Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva (Five-round main event)

Round one: Matt Brown on the attack right away, moving into the clinch against the cage. Silva hoists him up and takes him down, only for Brown to continue to the doll and end up on top. He's quickly back up. Silva hurts Brown with a liver kick, then another one crumples him against the cage. Silva dropping heavy punches. Now he transitions to Brown's back with both hooks in. We're less than 90 seconds in. Brown defending the choke well. Silva applies a painful-looking neck crank that Brown grits his way through. Two minutes in. Body triangle for Silva. Silva looking to possibly transition to an armbar, abandons it and goes back to working for the choke. He briefly traps Brown's right arm but can't capitalize. Two minutes left and Brown explodes to his feet. Brown doing work in the clinch and he's hurt Silva. Silva retreats to the fence but Brown is all over him.  Knees and elbows from Brown. Silva in full retreat. They trade head kicks. Brown trips Silva to the mat and lands knees as he rises. Brown battering Silva and again throws him to the mat. Brown dropping ground-and-pound and a soccer kick to the body. Silva back on his feet and lands another liver kick as Brown hunts him down. Big right from Brown and a left hook. Brown takes Silva down at the ten second mark and drops elbows until the horn. Wow. 10-9 Brown.

Round two: Brown immediately back on the offensive. Two knees connect for Brown and he backs Silva to the fence. Silva backs him off with punches and again winds him with a body kick. Left hook sequence forces Silva back. Knees and elbows from Brown in the clinch. Silva now pressing him against the cage. One minute in. Back to center cage. Brown lands a liver punch. Brown lands an uppercut and goes back to work with knees and elbows. Silva's tank is empty. Head kick glances off. Right hand and uppercut land. Another right hand. Silva swings a left hand, takes another knee. More punches by Brown. Brown quadruples-up on the left hand. Body kick by Silva, more mauling by Brown. Now Silva hurts Brown with a left hook to the body. Brown takes him down into side control and immediately works for the crucifix. Halfway through the round. Brown's got the triangle from side-mount, same way Lytle submitted him way back. Silva tries to get up and Brown snags a D'arce choke. Brown pops into mount, abandons the choke, and drops punches and elbows. They need to stop this. Silva has nothing left. Brown goes for an armbar; Silva takes top position but falls into a triangle. Brown has the dominant angle but Silva slips out. Forty seconds. Silva on top in guard. Round ends there. 10-8 Brown.

Round three: Brown once again stalking forward. Head kick blocked. Left hook lands. Lead right hand into the clinch. Knees and elbows from Brown. Brown is mauling him int he clinch and lands a spinning backfist on the exit. Silva still bravely trying to fight back. Matt tosses him down and drops ground-and-pound from guard. Big right hand. Ninety seconds in. Brown lands another right. Hard elbows. Silva throws his legs up for a triangle, Brown escapes. Brown standing over Silva and dropping punches. Silva's bleeding and taking unanswered shots. Silva turns fetal and that's enough for Herb Dean to call it. Silva is an absolute mess.

Final result: Brown def. Silva by TKO (strikes)


185 lbs.: Lorenz Larkin vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round one: Philippou marching forward, eats a check hook. Philippou backs Larkin off with a left hook and moves into the clinch. Larkin lands a knee as he exits. Leg kick from Larkin. Now one to the other leg. Philippou enters the clinch behind a series of hooks. One minute in. Over-unders for Costas. Philippou stomping feet and kneeing legs. Larkin escapes and they reset. Uppercut and left hook from Larkin connect. Costas still moving forward, eats a body kick two minutes in. Leg kick by Larkin, Superman punch misses. Lead right by Larkin. Costas counter a leg kick with a right hand, eats a flurry from Larkin. Philippou pops him with another right and moves into the clinch with two minutes to go. Philippou landing knees to the leg. Larkin exits and just musses with an elbow. Both land leg kicks. Huge 3-2 from Philippou connects and Larkin faceplants near the cage. Yet another huge upset in a night full of them.

Final result: Philippou def. Larkin by KO (punches)


155 lbs.: Daron Cruickshank vs. Erik Koch

Round one: Cruickshank pops Koch with a right during the first exchange. Leg kick from Koch. First minute passes without significant engagement. Kicks blocked by both. Leg kick exchange. Counter right by Cruickshank. Right hand misses. Leg kick by Koch. Halfway through the round. Body kick from Cruickshank, Koch answers. Koch lands a leg kick and Cruickshank retaliates with a pair of head kicks. The second one sends him to the mat and Cruickshank begins pounding him out with elbows. Koch goes limp a couple times before the referee finally calls an end to things.

Final result: Cruickshank def. Koch by TKO (head kick and strikes)


170 lbs.: Tim Means vs. Neil Magny

Round one: Inside leg kick from Magny. Outside this time. Means answers in kind. Straight left lands for Means. One minute in. Short left hand. Stiff jab by Magny. Means leg kick. Two minutes in. Lots of hand fighting going on. Means knee is blocked and Magny gets into the clinch. Magny foils a trip and moves him to the fence. Means attempts a knee to the body and exits. Two minutes to go. Means leg kick leads to a Magny takedown attempt. Magny gets the body lock and takes Means down int half guard. Means stands immediately. Magny lands a right to the body and avoids a spinning backfist. Another spinning backfist lands flush and backs Magny off. Forty seconds. Left hand drops Means, who flips back to his feet just in time for Magny to get in on his legs. Means drops a few elbows as Magny presses him against the cage. Round ends with a level elbow from Magny. 10-9 Magny.

Round two: Means stalking forward. One minute in and not much has transpired. Means narrowly misses on a reverse elbow but lands a straight afterwards. Magny keeping him at bay with kicks so far. Two minutes in. Most strikes are falling short for both men. Good left hand from Means, who catches a body kick and tries to establish top position. Magny rolls and gives up turtle position. Means stays on him and lands punches and knees as Magny moves to the cage. Magny reverses into a takedown attempt. He can't complete it but lands a right on the exit. Side kick from Means. One minute left. Magny gets in in his hips and completes a double leg into half guard. Means on one knee against the fence, stands but can't dislodge Magny. Magny pressing him against the cage. Last few seconds of the round pass without major incident. 10-9 Magny.

Round three: Leg kicks open the round. Magny slips and Means attempts unsuccessfully to rush him. Straight to the body from MAgny. Means advancing, Magny circling well. Right to the body this time. Good elbow by Means. Magny uses the chance to turn it into a takedown attempt but gets swarmed with elbows and knees. Magny uses the three-point rule to survive and circles out. Magny shoots in but gets caught in a power guillotine and falls to his back. Means briefly on top, but Magny gets the body lock and stands. Two minutes in. Magny completes the trip into side control thirty seconds later. Means quickly back to his feet, Magny still has the bodylock. Means with a Kimura grip three minutes in, loses it. Magny completes another trip and moves to the mount. Now he has Means' back with both hooks in. More than a minute to work. Means struggling to get to his feet, settles for regaining half guard. Thirty seconds. Means manages to turn into a takedown attempt at the ten second mark and completes it at the bell. 10-9 Magny.

Final result: Magny def. Means by unanimous decision


265 lbs.: Soa Palelei vs. Ruan Potts

Round one: Soa moving forward. Potts eats a counter hook as he rushes in and gets taken down into side control. Potts holding onto a guillotine grip on the wrong side, but uses it to flip Soa over. Potts pulls guard with the guillotine but can't complete it. Ninety seconds in, Soa on top in guard along the cage. Potts puts his leg up for a triangle, loses it and gives up side control. Soa hops into mount and sleeps Potts with the first punch he lands. He lands a couple more before the referee realizes it and saves Potts. Impressive.

Final result: Palelei def. Potts by KO (punches)


125 lbs.: Chris Cariaso vs. Louis Smolka

Round one: Cariaso throwing his customary body kicks early. Good combination from Chris. Smolka looking to maneuver for a takedown, takes a knee to the body but presses Cariaso against the cage. One minute in. Cariaso lands another few knees to the body. Smolka knees the legs. Two minutes in, Cariaso still pressed against the cage. Cariaso denies a trip, takes some body shots. Cariaso with a knee to the body, Smolka retaliates in kind. Cariaso reverses position and lands a level elbow before separating. Three minutes in. Right hook and glancing head kick. Body kick from Cariaso and one at close range before Smolka again presses him against the cage. More short-range skirmishing. One minute left. Smolka getting the better of it and attacking the body. Cariaso avoids a throw. Smolka changes level and gets in on a leg. Cariao uses the opportunity to lock up a power guillotine, which forces Smolka to roll free. Cariaso again threatens with it, but Smolka separates before the bell. 10-9 Smolka.

Round two: So Fox Sports 2 doesn't bother to inform me that they've switched to Fox Sports 1 during the commercial break, so I miss the first minute. Smolka on top in guard. Cariaso attacks with a deep armbar. Smolka escapes, but Cariaso returns to his feet. Smolka goes back to pressing him against the cage. Knees to the body from Smolka. Cariaso briefly reverses position. Cariaso scores an outside trip. Three minutes in. Cariaso on top in guard. He briefly stands to drop punches. the second time he does it allows Smolka to get to his feet. Leg kick and body kick from Cariaso. Smolka eats a three-shot combo after trying to press forward. Counter right by Cariaso just misses as Smolka moves into the clinch. Smolka takes him down while he fishes for a guillotine. Cariaso uses the cage to stand in the waning seconds. Cariaso gets an extremely deep power guillotine but runs out of time. 10-9 Cariaso.

Round three: Smolka still moving forward, eats a leg kick before landing one of his own. Body kick blocked. Cariaso pops him with a punching combination. Counter straight form Cariaso lands. Another left straight as Smolka presses forward. Low kicks. Overhand left, after which he catches one of Smolka's kicks. Leg kick. Ninety seconds in. Smolka trips him down and gets the front headlock against the cage before setting up in Cariaso's butterfly guard. Cariaso threatens an omoplata but gives up mount soon after. Smolka looking to drop elbows and connects with a few before Cariaso regains guard. Smolka avoids another omoplata, after which Cariaso gets to his feet. Smolka still pressing him against the cage. Knees to the legs and body from Smolka. Smolka scores a throw from the whizzer but is overeager and winds up sprawled on in the aftermath. Ninety seconds left. Cariaso pops him with his left. Body kick connects. Smolka left hook. Right straight, then a Cariaso leg kick trips him up. More leg kicks hurting Smolka. Smolka trying to bury Cariaso with punches against the cage, connecting well but eating leg kicks. Cariaso presses Smolka against the cage and takes him down with fifteen to go. Smolka rises, fights off the front headlock, and eats punches before the bell. 10-9 Cariaso.

Final result: Cariaso def Smolka by split decision



185 lbs.: Ed Herman vs. Rafael Natal

Round one: Herman denies an early takedown. Inside leg kick from Sapo. Jab to the body. One minute. Hermanl lands an inside low kick, takes a body kick, lands an overhand right. Natal lands a hard leg kick. Another one takes Herman off his feet and Sapo sets up in guard. Herman controlling posture well. Two minutes in. Short elbow by Sapo. Right hands. Sapo landing mroe consistent short punches and elbows now. Herman uses the cage to stand with ninety seconds left. Knees to the leg from both. Herman scores a takedown as Natal knees his leg. One minute to go. Herman looking to drop punches. Hammerfists land. Big elbows in the waning seconds. Sapo gets to his feet and eats a knee before the bell. Close round. 10-9 Natal.

Round two: Sapo lands a body kick, eats some punches from Herman. Both land leg kicks. Sapo misses an overhand right. Leg kick from Herman, body kick from Sapo. Herman stops a takedown after taking a leg kick. Long left hook from Herman. One minute in. Natal misses with a spinning backfist. Low kick from Herman. Herman stops another takedown. Wide left hand lands for him. Now he scores a takedown off a caught kick into guard. Two minutes left. Sapo in closed guard, landing short, sporadic punches. Herman fighting off his back. Ref stands them up with two minutes to go. Herman lands a body kick, tries to score a takedown, and gets reversed into the fence by Herman. Knee to the body from Herman. Elbow up top. Herman lands a groin shot. Both land knees to the body. Sapo separates with fifty to go. Herman connects with a body kick and Sapo presses him against the cage. Herman working hard for the takedown himself. Round ends with Sapo pressing him against the cage. 10-9 Herman.

Round three: Round three: Jab exchange. Inside low kick by Herman. Herman stops a takedown. Counter left hook lands. Another takedown denied. One minute in. Herman stops yet another takedown but eats a left hook. Herman stops a takedown and cracks Natal with a left hook. Herman presses Natal against the cage, lands a knee to the body, and gets reversed. Natal knee goes low. Herman stops another takdown and hurts Natal with a left hook and knee. Two minutes in. Inside lo wkick from Herman. Sapo lands a front kick to the face. Inside leg kick by Sapo, Herman chases him and lands a right straight. Herman takes a shovel hook. Three minutes in and Sapo presses Herman into the cage after missing a spinning backfist. Herman exits with ninety seconds left. Inside leg kick from Sapo. Spinning backfist lands glancingly; Natal goes back to pressing him against the cage. Knee to the body from both. Herman reverses.  They split with thirty seconds left. Herman pushes Sapo back into the cage and buffets him with some short shots. There's the bell, 10-9 Herman.

Final result: Herman def. Natal by unanimous decision


125 lbs.: Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Darrell Montague

Round one: Both fighters maintaining range early on. Kyoji cracks him with a right hand for first blood. One minute in. Push kick from Montague. Horiguchi rushes, does not connect. Montague scores a takedown just under two minutes in. Montague on top in guard. Horiguchi makes distance and stands. Halfway through the round. Montague ducks a right hand. Montague enters with a right hand, eats a right hand on the exit. Hard counter right by Horiguchi. Good left hook by Kyoji. Ninety seconds. Lead left hand lands. Montague lands a leg kick, Horiguchi responds in kind. Montague catches a head kick and takes Horiguchi down at the bell. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round two: Montague locks up a standing arm triangle seconds in. Horiguchi escapes and ducks for a takedown, giving Montague the guillotine. Darrell hops up, Kyoji stays standing until he looses his grip and separates. One minute in. Nice lead right from Horiguchi. Lead left from Montague. Montague ducks a right hand. Counter right hook from Montague gets Kyoji's attention. Montague head kick, Horiguchi overhand fails to connect. Nice right by Kyoji. Body kick. Kyoji blitzes and stumbles Montague against the cage. Montague responds with a takedown attempt and is still wobbled when he separates. Horichi sprawls on it and forces Montague to turtle with a knee to the head. Koji has the seatbelt. Montague has wrist control to prevent further strikes. Horigushi wrenches him up and hurls him to the mat. Montague back to his feet, eighty seconds left. Right to the body by Kyoji. Nice left straight by Montague. Push kick, both land right hands. Kyoji with a lead left and he hurts Montague with a body kick. Montague recovers quickly. Big counter hook and right hand by Kyoji rock Montague again. Another body kick and Kyoji is in hot pursuit in the waning seconds. Montague's legs are not there after the bell. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round three: Horiguchi slips on a body kick. Montague avoids a counter hook. Horiguchi lands another body kick and a right straight. Big lead left hook from Kyoji. One minute in. Flying knee from Montague falls short. Horiguchi catches a kick and takes Montague down. Horiguchi stacking Montague and dropping heavy punches. Montague pushes him to his seat, Horiguchi again stands over him and continues dropping powerful shots. Montague lands an upkick during the barrage. Montague attempts to roll out, settles for butterfly guard. Montague with a deep overhook. Horiguchi stands and Montague does as well. Both whiff with their power hands. Montague with a counter left straight. Body kick from Darrell. Horiguchi stumbles after missing a right hand with a minute left. Horiguchi right straight connects. Both men are tired. Montague lands a body kick and a hard left straight. Big counter right form Horiguchi answered by a right hook from Montague. Kyoji rushes at the bell. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Final result: Horiguchi def. Montague by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Yan Cabral vs. Zak Cummings

Round one: Both fighters fall short with strikes early. Cummings rocks Cabral with a counter hook, prompting the latter to pull guard. He quickly locks up a revere triangle and starts dropping elbows on the side of Cummings' head. Zak manages to work his way out and denies a takedown attempt. They remain in the clinch and Cummings slams home a knee to the body. Two minutes in. Cabral pressing him against the cage. He's in on a single-leg, transitions to a body lock. Cummings defending well. Cummings uses the whizzer to stop a takedown. Two minutes to go. Cabral finishes a double-leg against the cage. Cummings seated. Cabral passes to half guard. Ninety seconds left. Cabral now moves into mount but does not have Cummings' back on the mat. Cummings regains half guard. Short ground-and-pound from Cabral until the bell. 10-9 Cabral.

Round two: Cabral lands a head kick, prompting Cummings to toss him to the mat. Cummings kicking his legs as Cabral waves him on from his back. He elects to let Yan stand. Good left by Cummings, who is now on the offensive. Another left connects at the end of a flurry. One minute in. Overhand right from Cabral draws a smile from Cummings. Spinning backfist does not connect, Cabral moves into a takedown attempt and winds up pulling guard. Two minutes in. Cummings avoids a Kimura attempt by yanking his arm free. Cummings lets him up just under three minutes in. Body kick from Zak, counter right hand by Cabral. Cabral presses him into the fence once again. Cabral tries to get the body lock but Cummings reverses position. Cabral tries to shoot when Cummings backs off and is easily stuffed. Forty seconds. Cummings connects with a right hook. Another right hook connects and he takes Cabral down before the bell. 10-9 Cummings.

Round three: Cabral opens with an inside leg kick. Cummings blocks a head kick and stuffs a takedown. Cabral lands a counter overhand right but eats two good shots as Cummings moves into the clinch. Cummings now pressing him against the fence. Cabral exits the clinch with a spinning elbow. Cummings tries a wheel kick that falls short. Another spinning elbow by Cabral lands and an interesting scramble leaves Cummings back in Cabral's guard. Cabral throws up his legs to no avail. Cabral inverts and briefly attempts to attack Cummings' leg. Cabral's escape attempt puts Cummings in mount and he takes the back soon after. Cummings with the body triangle and two minutes to work.Cummings landing the occasional short punch and fishing for the choke. Cabral escapes out the back door and winds up on top in wide control. Cabral gets a Kimura and gets it dangerously far before Cummings slips out. Cabral with forty seconds and side control. Cummings regains half guard, then takes top position with Cabral gets over-eager looking for an arm. Round ends with Cummings on top in guard. 10-9 Cummings.

Final result: Cummings def. Cabral by unanimous decision


135 lbs.: Johnny Eduardo vs. Eddie Wineland

Round one: Wineland on the front foot. Plenty of feints from both fighters. Eduardo lands a low kick. Eduardo initiates the clinch, they separate soon after. Another good leg kick by Eduardo. One minute in. Inside leg kick from Eduardo. Short left hook by Wineland. Wineland lands a leg kick. Eduardo back to the inside of the leg. Two minutes in, Eduardo lands another inside leg kick. Eddie blocks a high kick. Wineland falling short with his punches. Leg kick lands for him. Two minutes to go. Right to the body by Eddie. Eduardo clinches up, attempts a short elbow. Eduardo landing his jab. Inside leg kick. Yet another inside low kick. Wineland eats a counter right and a second overhand fells the #4 bantamweight.  Eduardo, the biggest underdog on the card, has scored the upset knockout.

Final result: Eduardo def. Wineland by TKO (punches)



145 lbs.: Manny Gamburyan vs. Nik Lentz

Round one: Lentz connects with a straight right early. Nice right-left hook combo lands as well. Body kick lands as he ducks Manny's hooks. Both miss high with right hands and Lentz shoots in. One minute in and he's pressing Manny against the cage. Two knees to the head connect for him and he forced Manny to one knee from the rear waistlock. Lentz landing short left hands and trying to work a hook in. Knees to the body. Manny still trying to stand two minutes in. Manny smacks him with a pair of short rights but can't dislodge him. Manny turns and lands a knee to the body, Lentz answers to the head and body. Lentz right hand strays low and forces a pause in the action. Back to the fight, just over two minutes left. Manny with a three-shot combo, starting with a body shot. Lentz returning fire and shoots in, pressing Manny against the cage. Lentz has a bodylock and lands a knee. He forces Manny to his knees against the cage. One minute to go and Lentz is in dominant position against the cage. Two good punches give Manny the chance to stand. Manny lands a few short hammerfists as Lentz shoots back in. Manny latches onto a Kimura grip but can't secure it. Knee to the body from Lentz, Nik ends the round looking for a hook on a kneeling Gamburyan. 10-9 Lentz.

Round two: Gamburyan advancing early, but they have to pause to remove some loose tape from his glove. Lentz stepping in but gets rocked by a counter right. Both land rights soon after. They're trading big hooks, with Lentz attempting a knee here and there. Good right downstairs by Lentz. One minute in and Manny shoots in, completing a single-leg. Half butterfly guard for Lentz. Manny stuffs an attempt to stand. Manny spins for his back, can't get it and Lentz is back up. Lentz gets the Thai plum and lands some knees before ducking for the legs. Manny attempts Browne elbows while defending but finally goes down just over two minutes in. Lentz has a hook in. Manny turtling, taking short lefts. Lentz moves to front headlock, lands some questionable knees. Manny gets in deep on a leg, Lentz limp-legs out after landing some short punches. Lentz pressing Manny into the cage, landing knees and short punches. Manny stands with around ninety seconds to go, Nik still attached. Knee to the body from Lentz. Nik forces him back down to one knee briefly, in control via bodylock. Knee upstairs as Manny rises. Rounds ends with Lentz cracking him with a knee from the Thai plum. 10-9 Lentz

Round three: Manny blocks a head kick. Overhand right from him is blocked. Nik tries a knee, biffs him with hooks. Left hook from Lentz, Manny pops him with rights as he moves into the plum. Lentz gets in on his legs again and takes him down against the cage. Manny has a Kimura grip. One minute in. Manny rolls him with the Kimura and tries to transition to an armbar. Nik defends and escapes. Two minutes in, Manny sitting with his back against the cage. Manny sweeps him and takes top position soon after. Half butterfly guard. Referee stands them up much too quickly. Three minutes in. Fight Pass has a seizure for the next minute. One minute to go, Lentz has the bodylock again on the fence. Knee to the body from Lentz. Browne elbows from Manny. Knee to the body. More short-range skirmishing before the bell. 10-9 Gamburyan.

Final result: Lentz def. Gamburyan by unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Justin Salas vs. Ben Wall

Round one: Salas lands first, planting a left straight to the body. He clinches but can't complete the trip. Good scramble thirty seconds in as Wall denies another takdeown. Salas enters with a straight and tries another takedown. Wall attempts to reverse it but gives up front headlock position. Salas landing knees to the body against the cage. Ninety seconds in. Wall rises but takes a knee to the gut. Wall stops yet another takedown and blocks a head kick. Salas shoots in, lands a knee and exits. Both land hard right hands in the clinch. Wall blocks a head kick. Salas blocks one in turn. Back to the clinch and Salas rattles Wall with a right hand over the top. A straight left as they separate sends Wall careening to the mat and Salas pounds him out with right hands. Rough start, but great finish from Salas.

Final result: Salas def. Wall by KO (Punches)


170 lbs.: Anthony Lapsley vs. Albert Tumenov

Round one: Lapsley shoots in thirty seconds in, gets sprawled on. One minute in. Lapsley scores a body kick, Tumenov catches it and cracks him with a left hook. Lapsley stumbles down but is up quickly. Tumenov now moving forward. Counter left hook almost catches Lapsley. Lapsley completes a low double leg two minutes in but can't keep him down for long. Tumenov backs Lapsley to the fence and connects with a right hand. Lapsley circling along the cage and eats a glancing 3-2. Tumenov cracks him with a lead hook and shrugs off a takedown attempt. Another takedown falls way short. Three minutes in. Another takedown fails as he circles away from Tumenov. Lapsley dodges a hook. Left lands for him. With just over one minute left, Tumenov annihilates him with a counter left hook that leaves Lapsley splayed out on the mat. One-punch KO for the young Russian.

Final result: Tumenov def. Lapsley by KO (punch)


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