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UFC Quick Quote: Vitor Befort doesn't need TRT because he's been injected with the Holy Spirit

And as a result, he feels like an animal. RAWR!

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"Whoever has the belt will be my next opponent. That's a fact. I feel like an animal. The Holy Spirit gives me everything I need. I'm training like an animal. Nobody trains harder than me. My hormone stays at 200 today, and the normal range is from 300 to 800. (TRT) raised my levels to a normal range according to the commission. My hormone was at the same level of my opponents', so they are in advantage now. People say ‘oh, so you should retire.' Yeah, you want me to retire so you won't get knocked out. I won't retire. I will be back and I will win."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender Vitor Belfort is coming back to reclaim his spot atop the division pecking order and insists his next fight will be against the reigning 185-pound champion (one of these two men). While his timeline for return varies greatly with the one laid out by UFC President Dana White, "The Phenom" insists he has successfully purged his system of TRT (proof) to be in compliance with the new mandate from Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). But even without the controversial treatment, the Brazilian still trains (and feels) like an animal, according to Sensei Sportv (via MMA Fighting). Besides, who needs testosterone when you train with the Lord? No word yet if divine intervention is on the list of approved supplements, but we have a crack team investigating Holy Spirit Therapy (HST) as we speak. Stay tuned.

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