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'Slow and basic' Cole Miller vows to finish 'weak-jawed' Conor McGregor at UFC Fight Night 46 in Ireland

Conor McGregor and Cole Miller recently appeared on The MMA Hour together. What ensued was an entertaining war-of-words ahead of their showdown in Ireland on July 19, 2014.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor will make his much-anticipated return to the Octagon when he faces Cole Miller at UFC Fight Night 46 on July 19, 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. It will be a chance for "Notorious" to end one of many highly-publicized spats he's created, before he makes his run at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight kingpin, Jose Aldo.

But before the two talented 145-pounders meet inside the cage, they went head-to-head in a dual interview on The MMA Hour to promote their fight, and in the process, add even more fuel to the fire.

According to Conor, the fight won't last too long, as he predicts he will stop the "slow and basic" Miller on the very first exchange.

His prediction:

"As soon as that man steps off the plane, he is stepping onto a battlefield. He knows it, I know it. He opened his mouth, I didn't give a shit about him, no one in the UFC gives a shit about him. 18 fights in the UFC and he couldn't get off Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg tried to get him off Facebook. No one cares about him, he opened his mouth. I am going to go in and, listen, when that bell rings and when that door shuts, he is in danger. I am going to stop him in the very first exchange. He opened his mouth when he should've stayed quiet."

In his defense, Cole predicted it would be him who would knockout McGregor in the first round, seeing as how his jaw will be weak from all of the talking he's been doing, and will continue to do.

His words:

"Man, he's talking about stopping me in the first round, I am going to be the one that stops him in the first round. His jaw is going to be so weak from running his mouth, the first punch that I hit him with is going to lay him out."

If that doesn't get the job done, Miller says he will rely on his submission game, predicting that once the fight hits the ground, it will only take him less than 10 seconds to make him scream "uncle."

While Cole isn't exactly known for his punching power, he does possess some of the best jiu-jitsu in the entire featherweight division, winning seven fights via submission with four "Submission of the Night" bonuses under his belt.

And while most fighters are adamant that they never overlook their opponents, McGregor took a different route, admitting he's looking past Miller as he eyes a fight against the aforementioned Aldo. It's all the Irishman's plan to take over a division which -- according to Conor -- is full of "rookies and schmucks."

In addition, Conor admitted he was a bit disappointed when he was presented with the Miller fight, saying he wanted a top 10 fighter. But, the mouthy mauler says he has no qualms in beating Miller, whom he kept referring to as his "bitch."

As a consolation prize, Conor says he'd be more than happy to show Cole around Dublin once he breaks his nose.

They've both made their predictions, but who will back up their tough talk come fight night?

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