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Video: Michael Bisping to 'make it right' after Tim Kennedy loss, now training with Mark Munoz to improve wrestling

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

"I get it, it's mixed martial arts. Tim [Kennedy] had a gameplan and he's obviously allowed to go for takedowns, and allowed to control me on the floor, but it was a little extreme if I'm honest. That's my fault... You gotta make it right. That's what brings me down to Reign Training Center. Mark Munoz runs a great facility here and there are a lot of guys to train with. Obviously in the past I have stayed away from him because me and Mark were scheduled to fight once in the past in the same division. You have to bite the bullet sometimes and swallow your pride and say ‘listen, the fight didn't go as planned. I need some training partners.' The downfall in the [Kennedy] fight was the preparation. Mark was very kind and extended an invitation, and why wouldn't I accept? It was a great training session."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Michael Bisping (via Rick J. Lee) realized after his five-round unanimous decision loss to Tim Kennedy in Quebec -- one that saw him get taken down and smothered across the span of 25 minutes -- that it was time to abandon his traditional training camp and start mixing it up with some wrestlers. So who better than collegiate hall of famer, Mark Munoz? Sure, he was originally planning on leaving the "Filipino Wrecking Machine" in a pool of piss and blood, but that's water under the bridge. All part of "biting the bullet," as Bisping would say, but is it too late in the game for this new strategy to "Count?"

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