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Mayweather vs Maidana results: Sooo ... About last night

Sooo ... about that "Money" last night.

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Last night (May 3, 2014), Floyd Mayweather met Marcos Molina at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a bout marketed as "the Moment." On paper it was just another Mayweather bout against an outmatched opponent.

In reality, it was possibly the most exciting fight of Mayweather's career.


The Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast featured some of the best talent in boxing and definitely delivered several great moments. Mayweather was able to walk away with yet another victory, but the bout definitely set up another meeting down the road with the Argentinian pugilist.

So with the fights in the books, let's talk about last night ...


"The Best Ever!" That's what Floyd Mayweather was saying before the bout with Marcos Maidana. Unlike Phil Baroni -- who still makes the same amusing claim -- "Money" very well could be considered one of the best, if not the best, boxers of all time.

His record speaks for itself. He's faced the best fighters and dispatched all of them in an era filled with talented lower weight fighters. Sure, there's an argument to be made that he hand selects his opponents who are good stylistic match ups, but the result is always the same.

Marcos Maidana was one of those opponents.

The Argentinian fighter made waves when he defeated Adrien Broner to capture the World Boxing Association's (WBA) Welterweight title. He hits hard, but really isn't all that technical of a boxer. And in a sport nicknamed "The Sweet Science," he was a typical Mayweather opponent.

Except he wasn't.

Maidana did to Mayweather what almost no one before him was able to do. Instead of trying to work through "Money's" defense, he forced Mayweather to fight an aggressive and hard nosed battle. At points, it seemed like Maidana was going to be the guy who finally removes Mayweather's "0," but "Pretty Boy" was able to hang on (watch video highlights here).

If you missed the fight, the scorecards (see them here) won't tell the story. It wasn't a robbery because the right man won, but again something was off with the scoring -- 117-111 is an indefensible scorecard.

And if the post-fight interview is to be held as fact, we'll see them do it again on Mexican Independence Day.

"King Khan" still got it ...

The big question about Amir Khan has always been if his chin would hold up for an entire match. He's incredibly talented, but if you looked up "suspect chin" in the dictionary, you'd see a photo of "King Khan." His opponent was Luis Collazo, an unheralded boxer out of New York.

Collazo was coming off an impressive knockout victory over Victor Ortiz, so his punching power was the talk before the fight. "Could Khan survive?" was the biggest question. Of course, if you followed Callozo's career, you'd realize that he was never a big power puncher.

The Ortiz win was an exception to the rule.

Despite only being 27, recent Khan fights have made him seem like an old fighter. Maybe it was the back to back losses. Maybe it's that a bad chin gives the appearance of a worn down boxer. No matter the reason, his victory over Callozo was impressive.

He worked for 12 straight rounds and scored several knockdowns in the process. While a match with Mayweather is doubtful for Mexican Independence Day, a future bout with "Money" is definitely still in the cards. Here's hoping the fight happens before his chin gives out.

Broner is back on track ...

Adrien Broner is a really good boxer. But, he's a better self-promoter and talker. He's a guy who not only believes his own hype, but thrives on it. So when he suffered the first loss of his career to Marcos Maidana last year, there were questions about how he'd rebound.

The answer was "amazingly."

Broner won a fairly easy 10 round decision over Carlos Molina to capture the WBA International Super Lightweight title. While the belt sounds made up, the performance was definitely title worthy. Molina isn't a world beater by any definition of the word, but he is a scrappy boxer who can make a fight ugly.

He just couldn't do it last night against Broner.

The best part about Broner fights are that afterward, he always has something amazing to say in his post-fight interview. He didn't disappoint. Jim Gray was mortified. I laughed. Broner may not be a the greatest boxers to ever live, but he's definitely one of the best talkers to compete in the sport.

Additional Thoughts ...

  • Tony Weeks was rocking a high top fade straight off the set of "Do the Right Thing." It was a thing of beauty.
  • Seriously, the main event wasn't a robbery. It was just a bit of a cooked decision. That being said, the 117-111 scorecard should be investigated, or at least questioned by Nevada State Athletic Commission.
  • The rematch between Mayweather and Maidana may be the best thing to happen to Floyd's career. There really aren't that many available boxers right now and the second bout should do gang busters at the box office and on PPV.
  • Which means that Amir Khan needs to find someone to fight in the interim. Maybe Adrien Broner?
  • Mayweather's walkout was an all-time great moment. He had jugglers, clowns, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber and there was confetti. Say what you will about the man, but he's an entertainer through and through.
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