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New TUF career mode and full gameplay details for EA Sports UFC revealed

So, you wanna be a f--kin' virtual fighter?

EA Sports UFC is slated for a June 17 release, with many PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners salivating to obtain a physical copy of the video game.

One of the more impressive features in this particular game is the "Career Mode," as its fresh concept will now force the player to participate on the promotion's flagship show, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

Of course, you'll have to create your character first and you have the freedom to give yourself the ridiculous superhero spin-off name you've always desired, complete with a tattoo that makes Benson Henderson's back piece look like a real work of art. Once you make it into the TUF house, provided you don't lose your opening fight and be forced to start over like a real stooge, your own improvement will lie in your hands. You'll have the entire gym available to brush up on your skills and you better make a name for yourself quickly, too.

Your career will be affected by popularity, so if you stand and bang, without suffering too much virtual brain damage, it will lead you to a prosperous career in which you'll get inspiring messages from UFC President Dana White and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

No word yet if White labels you a moron for applying for a Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) post, but they've probably left that out of the game.

Suffering too many beatings isn't good for your career, either, since you'll have a "Career Longevity Meter" to work with. If that keeps dropping down, consider your time in the sport over fairly quickly. If you stay healthy enough to make some noise in your respective division, you will be awarded "Experience Points," which will help you throughout your run as a world-beater.

That's not all.

Check out a full breakdown of the game's new features below (via International Digital Times):

The artificial intelligence (AI) for this game looks pretty solid, since "MMAi" allows you to go into the fighter's mind in a bout. If your fighter is losing, with only a round to go, they will resort to changes like they would in real life. Instead of continuing Plan A, their goals will change once they shift to Plan B or C. This allows your fighter to look for the knockout or the submission, but if your opponent is just as smart as you, it's not going to be easy.

"Full Body Deformation" makes it possible for fighters to move in real time, with every part of their body following suit. We've come a long way since the days of Nintendo 64 and fighters will now look and behave like they normally do inside the cage.

As the fight progresses, "Real-Time Exertion" will make your fighter look like he's in a real-life fight. If it's a grueling war, your combatant will look exhausted with veins poking out of his neck and his flesh will deteriorate if he keeps taking punches in the same spot.

Credit 3D head and body scans for "Fighter Likeness and Facial Animations," since every combatant in the game will look almost identical to their real-life statures. The facial animation technology is full of unique expressions and emotions, so you best believe if you pick Ronda Rousey, you'll be mean-mugging your way to the Octagon every time.

Eliminating unrealistic slipping and sliding on the mat, "Precision Movement" grounds fighters so that punches, takedowns and even frame-to-frame movement looks as realistic as possible.

You can emulate your favorite unorthodox strikers with "Dynamic Striking," which enables you to throw a wide variety of punches and kicks from all different angles. This isn't just a game consisting of the same jab and hook. If you want to box like Alexander Gustafsson or throw a menacing kick like Anthony Pettis, here's your chance.

"Strategic Submission Battles" forces you to be a phenom on the mat, since there will be many battles for submissions and control once you engage in a grappling battle against your foe. Unlike previous UFC Undisputed video games where you would have to turn the joystick until you severely break out into a sweat mid-afternoon, you will have to work through multiple stages.

You must be wary of "Real Damage," since a single strike can either put you in grave danger or have you looking like Sean Salmon after his encounter against Rashad Evans. It can also produce cuts and contusions.

The online gameplay will feature "Online Championships" where you can test your might against the rest of the fighters across the world and climb the championship ranks, as well as "Online Rivalries," where you can challenge one of your friends and have your own Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz-style feud complete with all the stats for bragging rights.

"FighterNet" will serve as your online hub, where you can check out all your accomplishments online and even be featured in the "Highlight of The Night" if you awe your fellow compatriots.

Not too shabby ... now it's time to put theory into practice.

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