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Mark Munoz vs. Gegard Mousasi full fight video preview online for UFC Fight Night 41

In the main event of the latest UFC Fight Pass offering, UFC Fight Night 41: "Munoz vs. Mousasi", taking place today (Sat., May 31, 2014) at O2 World in Berlin, Germany, Mark Munoz will go blow-for-blow with Gegard Mousasi in a middleweight showcase. Both feel like they'll be in the title hunt with a victory.


"They've got me unlocking different parts of the world and I feel that I'm educated enough and articulate enough to be able to show people what MMA is all about. He's a very, very awesome opponent for me. He has a lot of experience. He's younger than I am, but at the same time a lot of fighters have a lot of strengths but it's up to me to find the shortcomings and the weaknesses and expose them. In the past, he's had challenges with wrestlers. This is mixed martial arts, it's not wrestling. So there's a lot of technique that has to be executed in order to get him to the ground. And even on the ground, he's very well versed. He's shown that he can submit people, he's shown that he can take people down, he's shown that he can get back up to his feet. So I see this fight not just being on the feet but on the ground, on the cage, everywhere. It's going to be a fight that's going to be won in transition let alone who can put a series of moves together because we're both very aware of what each other does. This is a huge fight. When I get past Gegard, it's going to put me in a position to where I might have a chance to be number one contender or fight one more time and be number one contender so this has huge title fight implications."


"I'm going to try to take him down also if I can get the opportunity. But of course I'm going to try to keep it standing up. Obviously he's going to set up the takedowns with the punches so I have to be careful for his stand up also. (A win over Munoz would take me) just beneath the top 5. And then I need two more wins and then maybe get a title shot. I feel I always can defend myself well so... of course the goal is to win so you don't want to be on the bottom position."

Remember, will have complete results and live coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 41 fight card tomorrow (May 31, 2014) as it airs on UFC Fight Pass.

See you then!

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