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Video: Emotional Wanderlei Silva denies doping, still plans on fighting Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on July 5

The plot thickens!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Wanderlei Silva has finally come forward following the news that he was bounced from UFC 175 after refusing to take a drug test (more on that here).

And according to "The Axe Murderer," he still plans on fighting Chael Sonnen at the "Weidman vs. Machida" pay-per-view (PPV) event on July 5, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, after he clears up what appears to be some "confusion."

So what exactly happened?

The Brazilian claims some guy showed up at his gym with no identification and a stack of papers written in English -- something he struggles with -- and Silva refused to sign anything he couldn't read without his lawyer present. Then he had to beat feet, but not because he was running away, but rather because it was the day of UFC 173 and he was as busy as a beaver.

Wandy also promises to take the drug test required to get licensed in Nevada, just as soon as he gets back from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Brazil 3" Finale this weekend in Brazil. While that may undermine the purpose of a "surprise" drug test, we have to be considerate of other people's schedules.

Speaking of...

Late replacement Vitor Belfort may want to tone down the intensity of his workouts, since Silva insists he's still going to fight Sonnen in July. What's unintentionally hilarious about this entire ordeal is that there is no guarantee "The Phenom" can get licensed, either, thanks to his history with NSAC.

In any event, Silva has presented his side of the story ... but are you buying it?

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