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Thiago Silva teaching kickboxing classes after estranged wife withdraws restraining order

Plot twist!

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a few months makes.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Thiago Silva was released from Broward County Jail back in March after posting $25,000 bond, stemming from his arrest earlier this year in Oakland Park, Fla., following an armed standoff with police.

Get all the pertinent details here.

He was initially detained and held without bond after the court deemed him a flight risk, as well as a threat to his community, but that ruling has since been reversed and Silva's case was transferred to domestic violence court. The Brazilian, meanwhile, was sent home.

Where he must wear an ankle bracelet.

That hasn't stopped him from teaching kickboxing classes at Jaco Hybrid Training Center, alongside his fellow Blackzilians, and his lawyer tells FOX Sports that Silva's estranged wife, Thaysa Kamiji, had a judge withdraw her restraining order.

I don't think anyone saw that coming.

Some of the conditions for Silva's release include enrollment in an anger management program, as well as random drug and alcohol testing. You can access his police report here, as well as watch the video replay of his initial court appearance here.

Wild stuff ... but is it fact or fiction?

Silva was cut from UFC shortly after news broke that he allegedly brandished a weapon outside the Pablo Popovitch jiu-jitsu academy, but his attorney believes Kamiji's "untrue" statement about domestic violence was "taken out of context" during her interview with police.

A trial date for Silva's remaining charges has yet to be set, pending an investigation.

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