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Bigfoot Silva wants Josh Barnett fight upon UFC return from suspension later this year

With four months left on his nine-month suspension for high testosterone levels, Antonio Silva eyes a heavyweight slugfest against Josh Barnett for his comeback fight.


After going home with a bloody draw against Mark Hunt in their five-round, "Fight of the Night" war last December, things went south in a hurry for Antonio Silva.

"Bigfoot" was suspended for nine months and forced to cough up his $50,000 in bonus money after a post-fight drug test revealed the massive heavyweight was fighting with high-testosterone levels.

But don't blame him, blame the UFC doctor.

With four months left on his suspension, Silva is itching to get back inside the Octagon, and he already has a dance partner in mind, as he eyes a 265-pound showdown against Josh Barnett, as reported on a recent episode of UFC Tonight.

According to Leland Lebarre, Barnett's manager, the camp isn't opposed to the fight.

"Josh sees no professional reason to not fight Bigfoot," Lebarre told UFC Tonight's Ariel Helwani. "We don't have any issues with him, so if Silva really wants to do this, he really needs to think about it first. Because we won't take something like this lightly."

While that may be the case now, Barnett had plenty of issues with "Bigfoot" in the past, going as far as threatening to "smash his head like a pinata to see if candy falls out" after Silva backed out of their proposed fight a few years back. That prompted Silva to fire back at "The Warmaster," calling him a "filthy kiss ass."

In his last outing, Barnett was knocked out by Travis Browne at UFC 168 in the very first round.

"Bigfoot" is set to undergo surgery to remove a benign tumor on his pituitary gland, according to comments made to UFC Tonight by Alex Davis, Silva's manager. The procedure is an attempt to get Silva's testosterone levels down to normal.

Of course, the costly surgery will have to come out of his pocket, so "Bigfoot" needs a fight in order to collect a paycheck -- and possibly another bonus -- to pay for the procedure.

Anyone opposed to this match up?

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