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UFC Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 episode 7 results recap for 'Team Edgar vs Team Penn' on FOX Sports 1

Can Team Edgar pull even, or will Team Penn take a commanding 4-2 lead?


Episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19: "Team Edgar vs. Team Penn" gets underway and the cast is still reeling from last week's bizarre outcome (recap). Eddie Gordon is particularly pissed over the loss for Ian Stephens and Dhiego LIma thinks there shouldn't have even been a third round.

Then Team Edgar blasts Team Penn for celebrating like they won some huge fight.

Moving on...

Pat Walsh tries to make a smoothie and has a blender explosion and "Fat Pat" -- as his team mates call him -- is covered in liquefied spinach. The ribbing doesn't bother him because he's from Bah-stan where you get that kind of treatment every day.

Over at the gym, Coach Edgar tries to motivate his guys heading into the next fight, where Walsh will fight Anton Berzin. Walsh learned what hard work was on the "Beantown" docks and eventually pursued wrestling in college, before switching to mixed martial arts (MMA), where he clowned some karate black belt.

He claims fighting Anton is a "relief" and gives the "it's my time" speech.

Berzin, meanwhile, thinks Walsh looks like someone from Family Guy -- the Seth McFarlane cartoon -- because of his weirdly-shaped body. He then spews some requisite tough talk about why he's the and how he's going to knock Walsh into next week.

Unfortunately, he's having trouble listening to his coaches, like John Hackelman, who is trying to help him with his punches. Coach Penn says he can relate, since he doesn't always listen to his coaches, either. Berzin says Walsh is scared of him.

"He knows what's up!"

Back at the house, the gang assembles to watch a UFC card and wouldn't you know it, the Stephens vs. Zapata decision comes up and both sides start bickering about who won. Tempers flare and threats are exchanged before Team Penn breaks out into that stupid chant.

Daniel Spohn shouts out, "Does anybody need a tampon?"


Berzin talks about coming over from Russia and his family had seven dollars to its name. He had a hard life as a poot foreign kid but grew up to make something of himself. But can he now go all the way and realize his dream? We'll find out soon enough.

The skip the weigh ins so I assume there were no issues.

Light heavyweight elimination fight #3: Pat Walsh (Team Edgar) vs. Anton Berzin (Team Penn)

Round 1: Touch of gloves and Walsh pushes him into the fence, but it's Berzin who gets the takedown. Walsh gives up his back and we have what looks like an early replay of last week. Walsh powers back to his feet and they wrestle back-and-forth. Berzin once again takes his back but Walsh stands and breaks free. They exchange sloppy strikes in the center of the cage and Walsh scores a sick judo toss. Walsh on top with piston-like hammer fists. Berzin in trouble but gets back to his feet. Walsh with the hug-and-slug against the fence. Edgar screaming for the uppercut and Walsh ignores him. Walsh gets sloppy and Berzin breaks free then gets a takedown of his own. Walsh stands and it's back to the artless striking. Walsh scores a takedown with seven seconds left and that may have won him the round. He could probably be a beast at middleweight. 10-9 Walsh.

Round 2: Gloves touch and Walsh charges in with strikes and misses, then decks Berzin on the follow-up. Walsh shoots and gets denied. Walsh does the Soda Popinsky foot dance. WTF? They both swing hard and connect. Berzin uncorks a leg kick and it gets caught, which Walsh then uses to take things south. Walsh right into side conjtrol. Guess he wasn't scared after all. Walsh volunteers half-guard and drops some elbows. Coach Penn yells "Let's go!" Good advice. For all that yammering Berzin was doing about his jiu-jitsu black belt he's not doing much from bottom. Walsh on him straight-up missionary style and referee Herb Dean warns him for inactivity. Walsh adjusts and Berzin tries to lock in an armbar. Close but no finish. Walsh escapes and drags him back to the floor. He's back on top and smothering him like I would smother a baked potato with butter and bacon bits. Round ends with Walsh on top. 10-9 Walsh.

I guess I was wrong about round one because we're going three.

Round 3: Touch of gloves and Walsh barrels in with bombs. His coaches beg for the uppercut and he ignores them, instead shooting and landing a huge scoop slam. Walsh on top and Berzin looks winded. Walsh in a dominant position reigning down punches and Berzin has no answer. His corner yells a dejected "C'mon Anton!" Walsh now in half guard and using the elbow. Berzin getting dominated here. Walsh ignoring every single thing his corner asks him to do but since he's winning the fight I guess he should just continue to go rogue. All quiet on the Team Penn front. WHERE IS YOUR SONG NOW?!? Less than 60 seconds and Berzin looks doomed, flat on his back getting mugged. He explodes at the 30 second mark and gets nowhere. 10-9 Walsh.

Final result: Walsh def. Berzin via decision

Here's where we stand after seven episodes:

Team Edgar:

Cory Anderson
Patrick Walsh
Matt Van Buren
Todd Monaghan
Ian Stephens
Dhiego Lima
Eddie Gorman
Hector Urbina

Team Penn:

Anton Berzin
Josh Clarke
Daniel Spohn
Chris Fields
Mike King
Tim Williams
Cathal Pendred
Roger Zapata

We're even at three apiece.

After the fight -- which was missing UFC President Dana White -- Berzin apologizes for "gassing out" and losing, then blames it on the fact that he's never been out of the first round. Uh huh. Coach Penn said he lost because he ignored everything his coaches told him.

Stay tuned next week for the coaches' challenge, drama in the kitchen, and Eddie Gordon (Team Edgar) fighting Mike King (Team Penn).

See you in seven!

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