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UFC Quick Quote: Daniel Cormier waiting for a light heavyweight title shot is a bad idea

Reason? Injuries!


"Those are always bad ideas, when you think you wanna layoff and somebody gets hurt. We'll see what happens, [or] if he ends up fighting somebody else, but he's always down to fight."

Most members of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community agree that Daniel Cormier has earned a light heavyweight title shot after blowing the doors off fellow 205-pound Olympian Dan Henderson at last Saturday night's (May 24, 2014) UFC 173 pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event in Las Vegas, Nevada (highlights here). Unfortunately, UFC President Dana White (via FOX Sports) isn't one of them, because that would require "DC" to sit on the sidelines (something he insists on doing) while reigning champion Jon Jones settles his unfinished business with Alexander Gustafsson later this year (possibly here). But the only person ranked above Cormier -- and also coming off a win -- is Rashad Evans, a risky fight that may prove to be a championship deal breaker. Rock, meet hard place. If you were in Cormier's shoes you would ...

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