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Henderson vs. Cormier results, Round 1

It took less than one minute for Cormier to earn his first takedown and it was an explosive throw. Henderson wasn't so much a full grown man as a rag doll subjected to whatever the former Olympic wrestler wanted to do with him.

Slam him to the mat.

That put Cormier on top and he passed to side control while "Hendo" battled to get out of the awful position he found himself in. Here's the thing: Henderson simply couldn't maneuver underneath "DC's" considerable control.

Finally, with roughly 45 seconds left in the round, Dangerous Dan got back to his feet and loaded up the big right hand. Cormier answered with a front kick to the teeth.

Henderson, hoping to regain some control, aimed for a takedown but was stuffed.

The round ended in a stalemate up against the fence.

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