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Video: Nick Diaz loves Matt Brown, but prefers to do 'something big' if he comes back to UFC

Streaking Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Matt Brown was looking for a "legendary" war against retired 170-pound striker Nick Diaz. Unfortunately, the feeling isn't mutual. Not because Diaz is trying to hate on a "hard worker" like Brown, but rather because he "loves" the "Immortal" slugger and would prefer to do "something big" if he ever came back to the Octagon (like this). His younger brother Nate has agreed to step in and fight Brown in his place, but alas, UFC President has already put the kibosh on that fantasy fight. Brown may be the loneliest welterweight in the division right now (after this), but could find a new dance partner after some business is settled this weekend in "Sin City." Matt Brown vs. Robbie Lawler? Anyone?

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