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UFC 173: Dana White won't commit to light heavyweight title shot if Dan Henderson upsets Daniel Cormier

You make me, promises, promises!


Dan Henderson is under the impression that a monster upset of Daniel Cormier at the UFC 173 pay-per-view (PPV) event this weekend (Sat., May 24, 2014) in Las Vegas, Nevada, gets him a crack at the light heavyweight title, currently held by Jon Jones.

"The reason why I took [the fight] is because [UFC President] Dana [White] said the winner gets a title shot, so I said, alright," Henderson told

White, however, was non-committal when asked at the UFC 173 media scrum (watch it here):

"Obviously if Hendo pulls off this upset, it's huge, huge. He pulls off the upset against Shogun [Rua], he pulls off a huge upset against Cormier, we'll see. ... Its just stupid to talk about now because [Jones] is fighting Gustafsson, and that fight's not happening until fall, and we still gotta get through that fight, and then we see where he's at."

White then fell back on his "anything can happen" outlook.

That's probably the last thing "Hendo" wants to hear at age 43, who in victory would pull an even 3-3 since coming back to the promotion from Strikeforce. As for Cormier, the chances of him earning a crack at the crown are probably greater due to his undefeated streak and personal history with "Bones."

Unless, of course, Alexander Gustafsson has something to say about that.

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