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UFC Quick Quote: Dan Henderson attempts to sabotage Daniel Cormier's UFC 173 weight cut with Popeyes Chicken

Talking about a gut buster!

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

"It was funny. I went to go check out the guys. On my way to see DC, I saw Dan last night in the workout rooms. Dan's coming back and they dropped [Cormier] off a bunch of chicken...Popeye's...It was the best idea I've ever heard of. So it was like in the locker room, DC's smelling it, people keep opening the door. We had a whole team in there, a couple people keep sneaking a couple of bites. The smell permeates the room. DC's eyes just light up like golf balls."

-- Daniel Cormier is an avid Popeyes Chicken fan. In fact, "DC" loves it so much, scarfing down a few pieces of the prized poultry was the only thing that could cheer him after Rashad Evans was forced to bow out of their UFC 170 bout with an injury. After Cormier defeated "Suga's" replacement, Pat Cummins, on the Super Bowl weekend card, the fast food chain sent the former Olympian buckets of goodies to his hotel room as a congratulatory gift. Now, Dan Henderson -- Cormier's UFC 173 opponent -- followed suit by sending "DC" a bucket of the famed chicken to Cormeir's workout room ahead of this weekend's (May, 24, 2013) pivotal co-main event match. That's according to Luke Rockhold, who told MMA Fight Corner that "Hendo's" attempt to sabotage Cormier's weight cut backfired, as cooler bellies prevailed with the former Heavyweight refusing to give into temptation. Being good friends and training partners, I'm sure Cormier's entourage found a good way to dispose of the chicken. You can't blame "Hendo" for trying.

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