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Nick Diaz reacts to Shogun robbery: If we were in 'Murica, you'd probably have to shoot me

Let the gat hum! (Lick a shot.)

"That's fucked up. That's in Brazil though. If we were here (USA) you'd probably have to shoot me. You better slap me 'til I cry or something. I'm not hating. That's fucked up. He's on some real shit. They put a gun to your forehead and rob you. I won't go to Mexico. I won't go to Brazil. I hear too much stories. Its all good."

Retired Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Nick Diaz caught wind of the incident involving longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Mauricio Rua, who was carjacked on the expressway in Brazil, stripped of his clothes, and forced to walk two miles to the nearest police station (details). While Diaz is sympathetic to "Shogun's" robbery, he's not so sure he would have rolled over as easily, and may have needed to taste a little lead before handing over his threads (that shit costs money, son). If and when the Stockton slugger does return to the Octagon, it doesn't sound like he would be in any big hurry to get booked on the next card in Brazil, or that November show in Mexico, for that matter. No disrespect, fools, just keepin' it real!

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