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Renzo Gracie claims bar brawl a 'misunderstanding,' formally charged with misdemeanor assault

Move along fight fans -- and amateur videographers -- nothing to see here.

Photo via Renzo Gracie Academy NYC

Free on a $10,000 bond after being charged with misdemeanor assault (with intent to cause physical injury) earlier this week, Renzo Gracie broke his silence this evening about the late night bar brawl on Manhattan's West Side that landed him behind bars (watch raw video here).

His statement (via text message to

"Everything is a misunderstanding.... We always had a great relationship with that amazing club and all their employees. Soon everything will be clear."

Gracie and his crew, which included cousins Igor Gracie and Gregor Gracie, as well as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) washout, Andre Gusmao, among others, were originally charged with gang assault, a felony that "carries a maximum potential sentence of 15 years in state prison," according to

The reduced charges obviously don't make the ugly situation any more palatable, but perhaps there is more to the story than just a band of well-trained (possibly intoxicated) Brazilian bad asses beating up a nightclub bouncer and, in the process, causing a fractured arm.

Gracie and his legal counsel will soon have their first day in court, which is scheduled for this Friday (May 23, 2014). More details from that unfortunate night outside 1-OAK will certainly be revealed at that time, as well as size and scope of his looming legal battle.

Misdemeanor assault carries a potential maximum prison sentence of one year.

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