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King Mo: If Rampage wants to stand-and-bang in every fight, go sign with GLORY and get KTFO by Tyrone Spong and Gokhan Saki

Muhammed Lawal has a solution for Quinton Jackson's hatred toward wrestling in mixed martial arts (MMA), suggesting that "Rampage" go fight the likes of Tyrone Spong and Gokhan Saki under the GLORY banner if he wants to stand-and-bang.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret how Quinton Jackson feels about wrestlers in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Since his days competing under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner, "Rampage" has voiced his displeasure for fighters who try to "hump" him instead of going toe-to-toe with him in the striking department.

He's even gone as far saying that UFC matchmaker Joe Silva should be "shot in the face" for pairing him up against wrestlers like Ryan Bader.

That dislike for wrestling in MMA hasn't changed, as "Rampage," once again, voiced his displeasure with the discipline, as Muhammed Lawal revealed during an episode of The MMA Hour, that Jackson questioned his wrestling gameplan ahead of their Bellator 120 main event fight, and challenged him to an all out stand-up war.

According to "King Mo," if Jackson is so adamant in competing in an all-striking fight and wants to avoid the wrestling aspect of MMA, he needs to step and fight the likes of Tyrone Spong and Ghokan Saki.

Lawal's solution:

"You know how Quinton was saying, 'if you a real man, then stand-and-bang with me.' Which is stupid. This is MMA. If he wants to stand-and-bang, he can go and fight in GLORY. As a matter of fact, if he wants to stand-and-bang, go and fight Tyrone Spong when he gets healthy. He'll get knocked out. Go fight Gokhan Saki, he'll get knocked out. Go box, he'll get knocked out. That's why he does MMA, because if he was good at stand up, he wouldn't be doing MMA, he'd be out there making millions in boxing."

Lawal, an accomplished collegiate wrestler, pretty much had his way with Jackson in the takedown department during their Bellator 120 main event scrap this past weekend (Sat., May 17, 2014) in Southaven, Mississippi (highlights).

Despite dominating that aspect of the fight, the ringside judges felt Jackson did more with his stand-up skills to earn the nod over Lawal.

Jackson has flirted with the idea of transitioning into the "sweet science" before, and according to Muhammed Lawal, he needs to go ahead and do that if he's going to continue to complain about getting taken down repeatedly in MMA.

"Rampage" has shown he possesses the knockout power, but does he have the technique to hang with the likes of Spong and Saki?

If we're lucky, we may find out soon enough.

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