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Mirko 'Cur Cop' saves half-dead doggy following botched pet execution in Croatia

Right leg veterinary hospital, left leg pet cemetery.

It's been a ruff couple of days for one Croatian canine.

A pup named "Olly" was the victim of a bungled pet execution, after a hapless hitman emptied his clip into the unwanted hound. The perpetrator, later identified as Dragutin Janicar, allegedly gunned down the dog, then picked him up and hurled him into a river.

That's where Olly was rescued by two fisherman and brought to the local animal hospital, according to a report from Jutarnji (via FOX Sports).

Once news spread of the flea-bag's unfortunate fix, local legend and longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) icon Mirko Filipovic came forward to pick up the tab, giving Olly the time necessary to get back on all fours, a recovery that's estimated at one-to-two months.

The good news is, he's got a new leash on life.

Janicar, meanwhile, faces charges of animal cruelty, and could see jail time for his recent faux-paw.

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