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UFC Quick Quote: Girls were playing Miss America before Ronda Rousey came along

No more Mrs. Nice Gal!

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"This is like a perfect WWE storyline. [Bethe Correia] puts down her finger and makes three, Shayna wants to fight her next. Now this chick's undefeated fighting in Shayna's UFC debut. It's either going to be a huge win for Shayna or this girl's still going to be undefeated and I want to have a huge title fight. This girl will have fought four or five girls and coming after me. I'm saying, if Miesha Tate can get a title shot and she hadn't even won a single match in the UFC then this chick who's undefeated and beat two of my friends could be a very interesting fight for me. I'm 100% behind Shayna. I think Shayna could f***in' handle it and will shove the s**t in this girl's face. There's no lose in this situation. It's not just girls playing Miss America like they were before I came along. When everyone was trying to not have any confrontational anything, ever. Not piss anyone off."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey tells The Fighter and The Kid (via MMA Fighting) she is enjoying the evolution of women's mixed martial arts (MMA), which is starting to see its share of heated rivalries, thanks mainly to "Rowdy" herself, who helped jumpstart the 135-pound division with the assistance of her arch nemesis, Miesha Tate. The Olympian had to sit idly by and watch one of her "Four Horsewomen," Jessamyn Duke, go down on points to undefeated Brazilian bomber Bethe Correia (even though she didn't get beat). Following their UFC 172 throwdown, "Pitbull" promised to do likewise against the rest of Rousey's crew, which could put her in the line of fire if Shayna Baszler steps up. Good fight, great storyline, and no more "Miss America." You dig?

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