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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White doesn't need to pay more, MMA fighters need to stop being lazy

And if you play your cards right, you too, could end up a multimillionaire like Bob Sapp.

Scott Cunningham

"I see people that just continually go-go-go but they have no end game, that's one of the problems that you see in fighting, they just simply jump in the ring and they have no end game. I used to be really kind of a vocal about saying fighters should get more money and all of these things, and Dana White should pay more money, and I used to think maybe he should pay more money. I am now starting to rethink this by saying a lot of these fighters are just a little bit lazy. They want to just to go into the ring and get millions of dollars instead of saving their money, instead of taking care of their self for after the ring. They're just going in there for short-term profit instead of long-term gains. When they go in there for ego instead of a paycheck, you end up getting yourself in big problems, so they really need to define what they would like to do with their lives and when do they want to stop, and how do they want to stop. I am popular of course for being a very famous fighter, for winning towards the beginning, all the champions, and then of course, I'm popular for losing all at the end. Well, the overall end game for me was of course money and of course to gather revenue for my future and of course to allow me to relax and that's exactly what happened. I made money at the beginning, I made money at the end, and now I'm making money all the time, so that was what my overall goal was and I did that and did it with wonderful fans and wonderful people. If you would like to be able to retire at a young age and to do what you like to, and to have your money to go out there and get punched and beaten up for you and wake up at six in the morning or five in the morning, then I am somebody that you should of course learn from and watch."

Former PRIDE and K-1 attraction Bob Sapp is lending his expert opinion on the business side of mixed martial arts (MMA), after claiming to amass over $10 million in earnings throughout his combat sports career, which went in like a lion and out like a lamb. While the sight of him turtling up in Europe makes it hard to believe there was a time when he was beating legends like Ernesto Hoost, "The Beast" has seen his fair share of headliners come and go. His advice for the next generation of fighters? Stop being lazy and think about the future! That's according to comments the hulking 40 year old made to the boys at Submission Radio, who also talked about the mounting medical bills the former NFL player was incurring as a full-time fighter. Sapp (11-18) has now lost 12 in a row -- all of them finishes -- and has likely closed the book on his fighting career. Watch and learn!

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