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Dan Henderson: 'Uneducated' commission banned TRT, but didn't tackle real problem of PED abuse in MMA

And may have inadvertently turned "Hendo" into a couch potato.

"I felt maybe they weren't as educated as they could have been on the whole TRT usage and didn't tackle the real problem of people abusing. They're gonna abuse drugs no matter what and the guys they already tested more than anyone else, they kind of dropped the hammer on them instead of across the board implementing random drug testing and no advance notice drug testing. I feel like that is the way to handle things, and to really clean up the sport. To do what they did, maybe just being uneducated about it or just don't care."

Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) -- along with several other regulatory bodies -- have banded together to outlaw the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), effectively eliminating the issuance of a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) to fighters partaking in the controversial treatment. That includes Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Dan Henderson (via Inside MMA), who believes the ban on TRT looks great in the public's eye, but does little to address the performance enhancing drug (PED) problem in mixed martial arts (MMA) and instead punishes fighters with a legitimate medical condition. How well Henderson can perform after seven years on TRT could be determined next weekend (Sat., May 24, 2014) when "Hendo" goes head-to-head with Daniel Cormier in the UFC 173 co-main event (details), though I'd reckon that's a fight that would be troublesome even with TRT. We'll find out soon enough.

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