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Juan Manuel Marquez vs Mike Alvarado results, LIVE fight streaming HBO updates

Mexican boxing superstar, Juan Manuel Marquez, returns to boxing TONIGHT (Sat., May 17, 2014) against a man just as hungry to return to the win column, Mike Alvarado, LIVE on HBO World Championship Boxing from The Forum in Inglewood, California. Get full "Marquez vs Alvarado" results and live fight coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Later this evening (Sat., May 17, 2014), one of boxing's elder statesmen, Juan Manuel Marquez, returns to the boxing ring against a powerful bruiser, Mike Alvarado, at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of the event below, starting with the HBO World Championship Boxing broadcast at 10:15 p.m. ET.

The 40-year-old Marquez (55-7-1, 40 KO) was last seen falling just short against Timothy Bradley in Oct. 2013. Prior to that bout, "Dinamita" scored the biggest win of his career with a one-punch knockout of eternal rival Manny Pacquiao. Alvarado (34-2, 23 KO), meanwhile, avenged his first career loss to Brandon Rios in March 2013, but succumbed to the relentless assault of Russian bruiser Ruslan Provodnikov.

Alvarado is a longtime light welterweight, while Marquez has recently plied his craft seven pounds north at welterweight. As a result, the fight will take place at a catch weight of 143 pounds.

The HBO-televised card will open with a light welterweight bout between the Ukraine's Viktor Postol (25-0, 10 KO) and powerful Turk Selcuk Aydin (26-2, 19 KO), currently on a three-fight win streak after losing consecutive bouts to Robert Guerrero and Jesus Soto Karass.


Catchweight: Juan Manuel Marquez def. Mike Alvarado by unanimous decision (117-109 x2, 119-108)

Light Welterweight: Viktor Postol def. Selcuk Aydin by knockout at 2:52 of Round Eleven


Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Mike Alvarado

Round one: Probing for the first thirty seconds. One minute in and nobody's committed to anything big. Good right hand by Marquez, after which an exchange ensues. Marquez slightly the aggressor. One minute to go. Lead left hook by Mile High. Marquez lands a glancing cross counter. They trade jabs. 1-1-2 by Marquez, right hand by Alvarado. Marquez lands a right downstairs. Alvarado connects with a glancing right hand. Nothing much so far, 10-10.

Round two: Marquez jabs the body. Alvarado whiffs on a left hook. Marquez left to the body, Alvarado left hook up top. Right hand by Alvarado. One minute in. Quick exchange in center ring. Lead right hand from the Mexican vet connects. One minute to go. Right straight connects. Good body shot. Alvarado doubles up the left hook, starting low and ending high. 20-19 Marquez.

Round three: Alvarado stepping in a bit more aggressively, but taking counters along the way. 1-1-2 by Marquez. Body shot in combination. One minute in. Marquez slips a long right hand. Left hook exchange. Right to the body by Marquez. Stiff jab from Alvarado in response. One minute to go. Hard overhand right by Marquez kicks off a combination. Alvarado connects with a strong left hook. Head contact. Fast exchange, no contact at the bell. 30-28 Marquez.

Round four: Just as an aside, Alvarado has historically kept his left hand low, but it's glued to his temple here. Good adjustment.

Alvarado consistently moving forward now. Clinch. Left hook downstairs. One minute in. Marquez lands a right in combination. Alvarado landing at close range but eats a left hook. Right tot he body by Marquez. Alvarado stalking. Marquez digs again to the body with his left. Alvarado pops him with a jab. Marquez sneaks in some uppercuts in a four-piece combo. 45 to go. Alvarado to the body. Right downstairs form Marquez. Alvarado combo falls short. Fast exchange, Marquez lands left hooks. Rights connect for him as he sidesteps the advancing Coloradoan. 40-37 Marquez.

Round five: Alvarado keeping his head down to try to work his way in. Marquez so far keeping him at bay. Left hook to the body by Marquez.Another. Another after a give-and-take exchange. One minute in. Double left hook by Marquez. Left uppercut connects. Alvarado moving forward, lands a left hook downstairs. Marquez right to the body. Combinations from Marquez at medium range. Jabs land. Big right hand and another body shot. Alvarado eats a pair of counters after backing Marquez to the fence. One minute to go. Alvarado getting Marquez to the ropes but losing the battle once there. Right to the body by JMM. Alvarado's short uppercuts are not landing. Marquez lands a combo, eats a 1-2 before the bell. 50-46.

Round six: Alvarado so far can't beat Marquez at range and is getting pieced up as he advances.

Alvarado moves into the clinch. He's maintaining his aggression. Marquez working his jab. One minute in. Alvarado pops him with a jab. Alvarado touching JMM's body with the occasional uppercut. Powerful combo from JMM. Double left hands answered by a right form Alvarado. Alvarado body shot, Marquez uppercut. One minute to go. JMM to the body. Right hand to the dome. Marquez with a right hand and stiff left in combination. Another great combo at the 15 second mark and they trade furiously, Alvarado getting in his share of licks before the round ends. 60-55 Marquez.

Round seven: Four-piece combo from Marquez, two right hands connect. Good cross by Alvarado. One minute in. Counter hook connects. Alvarado lands an uppercut, takes a powerful sequence of counter shots and shakes his head. Alvarado moves him to the ropes, eats three punches before landing an uppercut. One minute to go. Clinch. Right to the body and a big counter right. Alvarado stalking and flurrying. Both men land good power punches. There's the bell, 70-64 Marquez.

Round eight: Alvarado lands a good right hand early. Cross counter. Clinch. Uppercut, right cross from Marquez. One minute in. Clubbing right hand by Alvarado met by a left hook to the body. Things slowing down int he second minute. Alvarado left downstairs. Left uppercut and stiff jab. Four-piece combo, two rights land for Marquez. Short right from the American. One minute to go. Left hook lands for him. Right downstairs for Marquez. MASSIVE 1-2 from Marquez sends Alvarado teetering to the mat in the waning seconds. Alvarado gets up at 7 and survives the round. 80-72 Marquez.

Round nine: Short left hook from Alvarado early. Alvarado body shot. They exchange quickly and Alvarado eats a left hook to knock Marquez to his rear with a right. Marquez up well in time. Brilliant combination from Marquez in center ring. Halfway through the round. Stiff jab by Alvarado. Powerful uppercut and 1-2. Rapid exchange near the ropes. Alvarado uppercut. One minute to go. 3-2 by Marquez lands for him. Alvarado's got a huge mouse under his left eye. Big right hand by Marquez and the two again trade haymakers. Alvarado gets the worst of it, but he's still won a 10-8 round. 88-82 Marquez.

Round ten: Left hooks by both after thirty seconds of inaction. Good cross by Alvarado into the clinch. Stiff jab by Marquez. Left downstairs, right up top. Lead right hand from Marquez lands. One minute to go. Both land jabs. Great exchange, Marquez landing a long right at the end. Round ends at range. 98-91 Marquez.

Round eleven: Marquez has landed more than twice as many power punches as Alvarado so far.

Clinch. Nothing lands clean in the first minute outside of a glancing Marquez combo. Nice left hook by Alvarado. Marquez left uppercut sneaks through. One minute to go. Nasty body shot by JMM. Alvarado avoids a 1-2. Alvarado is so far much less willing to exchange. As I say that, Alvarado cracks him with a pair of crosses that nearly force Marquez's glove to touch the mat. Nice moment, not enough to win the round. 108-100 Marquez.

Round twelve: Looks like Marquez was off-balance, but did not touch canvas. Good call.

Alvarado thus far not showing the necessary desperation. Good cross from Alvarado. One minute in. Lead right by JMM connects. Left hooks by both. Marquez ducks a pair of heavy hooks. Alvarado connects with some glancing hooks in a ducking Marquez. One minute to go. Counter hook by Marquez. Good combination by Marquez. Brief clinch. Marquez lands a big uppercut, takes a right hand. Short uppercut by Alvarado. Fifteen to go. Marquez firing in combination and sparks Alvarado with a right hand before the bell. 118-109 Marquez.

Final result: Marquez def. Alvarado by unanimous decision


Viktor Postol vs. Selcuk Aydin

Round one: Aydin looking for the body early on. Postol working his jab. Postol keeping distance well, doubles up the left hook and takes another. Reaching right downstairs from Aydin. Lead left from Aydin. One minute in. Aydin with two to the body. Good combination and double jab in return from Postol. That jab is very active. Clinch. 1-2-3 from Postol. Aydin again targeting the body with power and rattles Postol with a left hook. Aydin charges in with wild punches that fall short. Postol backs him off with punches. 45 to go. Postol mixing in the left hook to the body and steering clear of Aydin's punches after the scare. There's the bell, 10-9 Postol.

Round two: Aydin stalking forward. Good left hook from Aydin and he just falls short with an overhand right. Postol's less active so far this round. Clinch. Short right hands from Postol. One minute in. Good combo by Postol, capped off by a left hook. Overhand from Aydin inside. Good lead left hook. Postol connects with his right cross. He's struggling to keep Aydin away compared to the last right. Postol combination lands. One minute to go. Postol now maintaining range well. Hard left hook to the body just before the 30 second mark and a counter cross. Postol's combinations flowing, Aydin falling short. Close round.  19-19.

Round three: Nice sequence of punches from Aydin. Postol clinches up. Body shot and left hook by Postol. Postol pumping the jab. Aydin lands a right hand, takes a left hook to the body. One minute in. Postol lands a combination at close range. Aydin has yet to land a big shot this round as Postol methodically lands combos. Hard right hand downstairs from Aydin. Postol isn't putting everything into his punches but he's landing at a steady clip. One minute to go. Both land left hooks at the end of a Postol combination. Right hand inside from Aydin. Postol ends a combo with a left hook downstairs. He's winning through volume so far and Aydin is having a hard time getting inside. 29-28 Postol.

Round four: The punch stats have Postol only outlanding Aydin by six last round. Don't think that's right.

Aydin lands an overhand right early. Postol staying at range, hasn't opened up yet. Clinches. Postol connecting with his jab at the minnute mark. Nice cross by Postol, Aydin answers with a short-range overhand. Aydin again having trouble getting past Postol's quick punches. Postol landing cleanly and Aydin seems frustrated. One minute to go. Aydin lands a sequence of body shots. Clinch. Good right hands from Postol, then a low-high combination. Body shots by Postol. Clinch before the bell. 39-37 Postol.

Round five: Again, Aydin trying to weave his way inside and fire off hooks but thus far entirely unsuccessful. Postol's footwork is on point. First minute goes by with only a couple of solid connections from the Turk. Postol whacks the body and lands a hard cross. Combinations flowing ninety seconds in. Postol left hook. Aydin has yet to show a jab. Aydin to the body before the clinch. Nice uppercuts by Postol. Postol avoids getting pinned against the ropes. Body shot lands. Twenty seconds. More body shots. All Postol so far, 49-46.

Round six: Postol outlanding Aydin 3-1 in recent rounds. Postol connecting to the body and follows up with a double jab. Clinch. One minute in. Good hooks by Postol. Aydin has been entirely neutralized as Postol opens up with solid hooks. Aydin lands an overhand right. Aydin chases, can't pin him to the ropes. One minute to go. Postol ends another combo with a good uppercut. Aydin lands a left hook not long before the bell. 59-55 Postol.

Round seven: Aydin only landed six punches last time out. Postol buckles Aydin with a powerful right uppercut early on, but Aydin gets his feet under him quickly. Aydin lands a left hook. One minute in. Postol back to the body. 3-2 and a clinch. Hard cross from Postol, Aydin responds with right hands. Postol avoids a scary-looking overhand. Left hook lands for him. One minute left and another good uppercut by the Ukrainian. To the body. Postol's putting a bit more heat behind his punches recently. Two good body shots. Hooks to the head and uppercut. Round ends in the clinch. 69-64 Postol.

Round eight: Aydin is totally ineffectual. He does land a good right in the clinch. Clinch. Left uppercut by Postol. One minute in. Postol landing sequential jabs. Clinch, Aydin blatantly hits on the break and gets a warning. Postol whacks him with a left downstairs and an uppercut in a combination. Postol lands a left hook to the body, eats a heavier one by Aydin. Aydin trudging forward and rattles Aydin with a right hand. Aydin coming on in the last minute, lands another powerful body shot. Right to the body by Aydin. Postol circles until the bell. 79-73 Postol.

Round nine: Postol active with his jab early on. Good combination thirty seconds in. Clinch. Right hand, double jab. Aydin digs to the body with a left hook. One minute in. Aydin lands a righ thand and left hook in the clinch. Postol whacks him with a right in center ring. Postol digs to the body and slips. Postol working well behind his jab. One minute to go. Aydin again fails to pin Postol against the ropes. Clinch. Solid combination from the Ukrainian. Clinch. Postol potshotting with his jab for the remainder of the round. 89-82 Postol.

Round ten: Postol with a solid combo early, topped with an overhand against the ropes. Aydin lands an overhand right after taking a series of jabs. Combinations from Postol at the minute mark. Left hook to the body by Aydin, left hook upstairs by Aydin. Right to the body. Left hooks from both. Nice right cross by Postol and Aydin backs him off with a pair of left hooks. Postol with a right around the guard. One minute to go. Clinch. Nice combination by Postol. Thirty seconds. Jab to the body from both. Postol with a good left hook late. 99-91 Postol.

Round eleven: Postol with a series of jabs and body shots early. Nice right uppercut snaps Aydin's head back. Postol lands a pair of chopping rights. Aydin initiates the clinch this time. One minute in. Good sequence of shots from Postol. Body shots land, clinch. Aydin throwing the occasional stiff jab. Left hook to the body as Postol orbits him with combinations. Left look lands for Aydin. Chopping right and uppercut, Aydin answers upstairs. Postol flurries, Aydin lands a rabbit punch in the clinch and loses a point with a minute to go. Cross counter and another hard right by Postol. Postol throwing with power and connecting well. Aydin lands a left hook after taking several. Postol tattooing Aydin, lands a big cross and murks him with a right uppercut. Aydin folds to the canvas and the ref rightly waves it off. Hell of a knockout.

Final result: Postol def. Aydin by knockout


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