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Video: Watch Bruce Lee knockout Frankie Edgar in EA Sports UFC video game

There is something about seeing Bruce Lee in UFC-branded gloves that I find unsettling ... but I'll play anyway!

Martial arts movie legend Bruce Lee is a playable character in EA Sports UFC video game (find out how to get him here), which drops on June 17, 2014 for Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4.

Get a sneak peek here.

Lee will be added to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) digital roster and give fight fans endless matchmaking possibilities, though I would advise against picking Frankie Edgar, based on what happened to "The Answer" in the video above.

The "Little Dragon" has been all over the place following the mixed martial arts (MMA) boom. In addition to making an appearance on select apparel for Roots of Fight, Lee was also immortalized in rubbery plastic for the action-figure giant Round 5.

See those pics here and here.

EA Sports UFC takes over for the Undisputed franchise by THQ, ending a nearly three-year gap between UFC video games, which also saw a couple of laughable entries for Strikeforce and Bellator MMA.

You buying?

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