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Video: Watch Anderson Silva throw first kick with surgically-repaired leg

I know the outcome. I winced anyway.


Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva is back in the gym, pounding the pads, pumping some iron, and throwing a few leg kicks.

Is normal.

While that may not be news at most other gyms, "The Spider" is just over four months removed from a catastrophic leg injury, one that left his shin splintered at the UFC 168 pay-per-view (PPV) last December (pics).

So much for retirement.

Silva (33-6) coughed up his title to Chris Weidman last July, then saw his rematch end by way of injury. Since the Brazilian refuses to end his mixed martial arts (MMA) career on a stretcher, the pound-for-pound legend has mapped out a 2015 return to the fight game.

And from the looks of this video, it appears he should be able to hit that mark quite easily, or even the one laid out by his boss earlier this month.

Any suggestions for his comeback fight?

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