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'Accurate' striker Matt Brown 'guarantees' a knockout victory over UFC champ Johny Hendricks

Well, that's a mighty bold statement.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from packing a punch, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion, Johny Hendricks, has a pretty good chin, too.

But, should he ever face Matt Brown inside the Octagon, that chin will be put to the test and eventually crumble, as "The Immortal" says he "guarantees" a knockout victory over "Bigg Rigg."

Brown gave his bold prediction to The Great MMA Debate podcast (via FOX Sports):

"I definitely don't think it would go to decision. Like I've said 100 times, I'm not going to hit him that many times and not knock him out. He's not going to stay on his feet if I hit him as many times as Robbie Lawler did. I'm a really accurate striker. I hate to eat my own words because I hit Erick Silva a lot of times and he didn't go down and it went three rounds, but I've got to get my groove back. I can knock him out, I guarantee it."

Indeed, Brown hit Erick Silva with everything he had this past weekend (May 10, 2014) at UFC Fight Night 40 (full video highlights here), but, the young Brazilian refused to go out.

Thankfully, the referee put an end to the punishment in round three and Silva was eventually taken out of the Octagon on a stretcher.

According to Brown, should he get his much-desired title shot against Hendricks, he is more than confident his laser-like, power punches will find their mark and eventually knock the 170-pound champ clean out.

He definitely has the track record to prove he can do it, but, Hendricks has also proven he can take a licking on keep on ticking.

Heavy-handed Robbie Lawler couldn't knock "Bigg Rigg" out, can Brown?

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