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UFC hall of famer Ken Shamrock slams bodyguard who failed to protect Jay Z from Solange Knowles elevator attack

Slow news day, so it was either this, or an Instagram video of Anderson Silva picking up milk at the local WaWa.

Esther Lin

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hall of famer and mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneer Ken Shamrock is aghast after watching security footage from the Standard Hotel in New York, which shows Solange Knowles -- best known for her role in Bring it On: "All or Nothing" as Beyonce's sister -- going full E. Honda on rapper/producer Jay Z.

Shammy, himself a bodyguard for 50 Cent, explains what went wrong (via TMZ):

"It's pretty clear that something went off [between Jay Z and Solange] before the fight. The bodyguard should never have put them on the elevator together. You're waiting for a time bomb to go off. And when it does, you're stuck. Rather than getting in between Jay and Solange, he was pressing the elevator buttons. It seemed to me he didn't know what his job was."

Beyonce stood calmly by as her sister went batshit crazy.

Naturally, no one involved in the alleged incident has commented on the footage. Except for the hotel, that is, who is trying to figure out how its security tape found its way into the hands of TMZ.

It's a my$tery!

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