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Coming to America: UFC welterweight Erick Silva seeks stateside training to fix 'flaws'

Perhaps a change of scenery will do him some good.

Erick Silva is leaving his comfort zone.

He's not changing fight camps, something that happens to even the best fighters these days, but he knows that he's going to have to broaden his horizons if he hopes to fix the "flaws" that have plagued him in recent fights, like the UFC Fight Night 40 beating he took at the hands of Matt Brown last weekend in Cincinnati (watch it).

From his conversation with Combate (via Bloody Elbow):

"I'm contacting some people and closing deals to come to America to train. I'm sure that this will be very good for me. I need to learn new stuff. I won't change my team, there is no chance. But, I also have to train in other places. I'll meet great fighters in their fight camps, to watch what they do differently. I know that something lacks in my game. I know also that I have what it needs to come closer of the top. I always have opportunities to finish the fight, but I lose them. So, I have to find which are these flaws."

The sooner, the better.

Silva, 29, is now 4-4 inside the Octagon and has slipped to No. 15 in the official UFC rankings.

Despite his ability to lay waste to the bottom half of the 170-pound division, "Indio" has consistently come up short against tougher competition. In addition to getting out-mugged by Jon Fitch, he was put out to pasture by Dong Hyun Kim last October. And the competition isn't getting any easier.

I hear Greg Jackson is in the makeover business...

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