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Tito Ortiz claims Craigslist memorabilia 'stolen,' but seller insists it was purchased from abandoned storage unit

Storage wars!


So from what I can tell, it looks like someone stole a bunch of swag from Bellator 120 star Tito Ortiz and kept it hidden inside a storage facility. At some point, the cash-strapped crook stopped making payments on his unit, which was eventually put up for auction, and some opportunist ended up with the gear.

And now he wants to flip it for cash, according to his Craigslist post:

I found a bunch of items that belonged to Tito Ortiz (UFC Champ) in a storage locker. Items include pictures, prints, fighting gloves, Punishment banners that appear to be used during his fights, letters to him and Jenna Jameson, fighting contracts, schedules, VHS tapes of his fights, all kinds of stuff. THIS STUFF IS NOT STOLEN, I BOUGHT THEM AT A STORAGE LOCKER AND LEGALLY I AM NOW THE OWNER. I have the receipt as proof. I am taking offers, looking for at least 3K and when you factor in all the items and their value, you are getting a great price. For example there are 350 prints, sell them for $10 each, that alone is $3,500. Make me a serious offer!!

Naturally, Tito is having none of it.

So ... what's the right thing to do here, Maniacs?

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