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UFC Fight Night 40 results: Matt Brown finishes Erick Silva in Cincinnati

Matt Brown and Erick Silva went to war in the main event of Saturday night's FOX Sports 1 fight card, to see once and for all who is the contender and who is the pretender. The results speak for themselves.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) asked Matt Brown to put his six-fight winning streak on the line against Brazilian wunderkind Erick Silva, in the welterweight main event of UFC Fight Night 40 on FOX Sports 1, which took place on Sat. night (May 10, 2014) inside the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Make that a seven-fight winning streak.

Brown came out like a man possessed -- as expected -- but Silva was cool as a Brazilian cucumber, and countered him early in the first frame with a body kick. "The Immortal" stumbled backwards and momentarily got his bearings, then ate another and went down in a heap.

Silva pounced and threw down a ton of punches, forcing Brown to give up his back. "Indio" spent the next minute hunting for submissions, but may have gassed out his arms, allowing his prey to escape.

Then all hell broke loose.

Brown hulked up and stormed back to beat Silva from pillar-to-post. The Brazilian somehow survived until the bell, but he was getting smashed. Round two started the same way round one ended, with Silva getting beaten up on his feet. He slowed the progress with another body kick, but Brown recovered and went back to the blitzkrieg.

He eventually dumped his opponent to the mat and tried to finish by both ground-and-pound and then submission, but Silva once again survived the onslaught.

The craziest two rounds in recent memory.

Round three saw Silva come out completely gassed and Brown tossed him to the canvas like a piece of tattooed trash, then dropped bombs until referee Herb Dean mercifully called a stop to the action.

Watch the video highlights right here.

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