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With UFC contract 'in limbo,' manager says Nate Diaz open to fighting 'anywhere'

Maybe he can fill in for Eddie Alvarez?


I've got bad news for Nate Diaz fans.

It doesn't look like the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight number one contender is going to be lacing up the gloves anytime soon, according to his manager Mike Kogan, because he first needs to have a conversation with his employer to make sure his dollars make sense.

Kogan elaborates to the gang at Submission Radio:

"We asked to sit down and have a conversation about our contract and they said no. So we said okay, then we'll sit out and wait until you know, something changes. We're just kinda all in limbo. Hopefully we'll sit down and have a productive conversation. So far, all of our interaction has been through media, you know we say something and then they say something and we say something. We're yet to actually have a conversation. I had a brief conversation with Joe Silva and he said 'well that's not going to happen' so I said 'okay sounds good' so we'll just wait. Wait and see, but we don't have a specific goal, we just want to be able to have a conversation and see what happens. Nate will be open to fighting anywhere where he's paid the most and where his stock has the most value, but we are under contract with the UFC so it doesn't really matter."

Diaz recently asked for his unconditional release after UFC "conned him" with a new fight contract.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 5 champ has experienced his share of turbulence during his career inside the Octagon (and his coach isn't helping matters). Despite his inconsistency at 155 pounds -- as well as his penchant for jumping weight classes -- the wily Stockton slugger has a fan-friendly style that is known for racking up performance bonuses.

Every dollar counts.

In any event, it sounds like Diaz will be sticking around for awhile. But since he's no longer an active fighter, the promotion erased him from its current rankings (see them here), something Kogan insists "doesn't make sense," due to a lack of "consistency."

Diaz may be stuck at home on the couch, but at least he's in good company.

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