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UFC files $32 million lawsuit against PPV pirate, who lives in his parents' basement

Steven Messina of New York City is the recipient of the world's largest bill for pay-per-view (PPV) events, as he's recently been socked with an eight-figure lawsuit for uploading numerous UFC and boxing cards.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is no stranger to piracy lawsuits, but generally, the promotion goes after the biggest fish: bars charging covers on pirated feeds, sites charging money to get your online stream, etc. This has historically been the standard for dealing with any sort of illegal activity.

You ignore the end user and go after the big time dealer.

Not this time.

UFC has filed suit against Steven Messina, 27, for stealing pay-per-view (PPV) broadcasts and uploading them to popular file-sharing services like PirateBay, according to a report from NY Post, and is now seeking a whopping $32 million in damages.

Considering Messina lives in Staten Island with his mom and dad, there's a pretty good chance he doesn't have that kind of coin stuffed between his mattresses.

The suit alleges that Messina uploaded 141 UFC PPVs and even had the audacity to provide a PayPal donation link to keep the party going.

Had Messina kept his head down and uploaded these torrents for free, there's a much greater chance he would have continued to operate unnoticed, but he up and got big, then solicited money from the general public, even referring to himself as the "Provider of Best MMA & Boxing rips online!," according to the report.

As Brand Nubian told us 20 years ago, punks jump up to get beat down.

The brazen young man, who went by the username of "Secludedly," is now the proud winner of the largest lawsuit filed by the UFC in its long and storied history of fighting the internet.

Any of you Maniacs itching to set the new gold standard?

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