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UFC Quick Quote: Martin Kampmann doesn't want to say he's retired and then come back six months later

Sounds like the door is still open for a "Hitman" return.

Mark Kolbe

"You know, as a fighter you never really want to retire. I've always enjoyed fighting. It was a hobby of mine that I was able to make into my living. So I feel very fortunate that I've been able to do that. But, I just knew that I wanted some time off and at the same time I didn't want to waste it, so I'm pursuing other possibilities that can benefit me and my family for the future. I've been coaching. I like to give back to the guys who have the hunger, and the dreams to go out and try to make something of themselves in the sport. Because I started out like that. I don't want to say I'm retired and then six months later come back. I'd rather say I'm taking a break, and if I feel like taking a fight in a couple of months, I'll call up Joe Silva and I'm sure he'll have a fight for me."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Martin Kampmann -- coming off back-to-back knockout losses to Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit -- is taking an extended leave of absence to rest his brain after 10 long years as an active mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. "The Hitman" (via MMA Fighting) hasn't ruled out an eventual return, but sounds like he's been keeping busy in his time away from the fight game. Sound familiar? Kampmann (20-7) turns 32 next week and knows the clock is ticking on his combat sports career, but don't be surprised to see him come back to the Octagon the same way he did his first time out.

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