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UFC Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 episode 3 results recap for 'Team Edgar vs. Team Penn' on FOX Sports 1

Did Daniel Spohn live up to his potential? Or did the fighting preacher, Todd Monaghan, exorcise him from the competition? Dive in below to find out.

Episode three of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 gets underway with a brief recap of last week's elimination round where team Edgar went down 0-1 after Hector Urbina came up short against fellow middleweight Cathal Pendred (full recap here), which means Edgar was unable to get control of the fight picks in defeat.

At the TUF house, Urbina and Pendred discuss their fight and proceed to thank each each other for the opportunity to compete against one another. Urbina then playfully jokes that he might "shank his ass" later as the Irishman walks away.

Back at the TUF gym, Edgar brings out the big guns as he has Renzo Gracie come in to teach the young prospects a thing or two about the jiu-jitsu game.

It's Team Penn's turn to get some training in, as B.J. starts getting Daniel Spohn ready for his looming light heavyweight bout against Todd Monaghan.

Back at the house, Monaghan talks about his preaching background then proceeds to dress to the nines as he gets ready to hold a Sunday service at the TUF house, which Spohn himself attends. Todd discusses his rough background as a child, his playboy lifestyle as a teen and how he changed it all around by turning to God.

On the ride to the gym, Pendred questions Monaghan's preaching lifestyle, saying he's only there for T.V. time.

Coach Edgar gets some final one-on-one training with Monaghan, but "The Answer" worries his fighter tends to make simple mistakes, such as putting his hands down when he backs up. Back at the house, Spohn involves his team in some extreme yoga-like exercises called Iron Body.

Meanwhile, Monaghan's teammates worry that he is a bit overconfident.

No weigh-in coverage.


Monaghan is pumped during his pre-fight workout, while Penn observes Spohn calmly shadowboxing on his knees. Edgar explains that Todd's best chance at a win is grinding it out. Spohn says he will "break" Todd because Todd just seems like a guy you can do that to.

Light Heavyweight elimination fight #1: Daniel Spohn (Team Penn) vs. Todd Monaghan (Team Edgar)

Round 1: Spohn opens up with a nice leg kick. Both men a bit hesitant. Spohn swarms in for the takedown and he gets it. Not much offense from Spohn on the ground.  He tries to lock in a head-and-arm choke as Renzo screams instructions from the corner. Good defense from Monaghan. Back to their feet for a few seconds before Spohn takes it right back to the ground. Monaghan looking for a kimura as he takes some punches to his ribcage. Spohn takes his back and looks for a rear-naked choke. Monaghan fights it as Spohn switches to a triangle, then to an armbar. Monaghan escapes both. Spohn now in side control. Spohn mounts as the round come to an end. 10-9 Spohn.

Round 2: This time Monaghan opens up with an inside leg kick, but Spohn takes him down, yet again. Back to their feet. Monaghan looks to land some knees, but, guess what? Spohn takes him down one more time. Monaghan looking for that kimura again, but to no avail. Coleman shouts instructions to Spohn that he needs to stay busy to score some points. Shot of Dana White, he doesn't look too thrilled. With good reason, as Spohn isn't doing much, though he has the dominant position. Monaghan scrambles to bring it back to the feet, but Spohn is proving to be the stronger of the two. Spohn locks in a rear-naked choke with 10 seconds left but Monaghan hangs on to the final bell.

Final result: Spohn def. Monaghan via unanimous decision

It wasn't pretty, but it was effective. White is critical of both fighters (mostly Spohn) for not heeding the advice of their great cornermen.

We go right into our next fight announcement -- with Team Penn in control -- and Tim Williams faces Diego Lima in Middleweight action.

Here's where we stand after three episodes:

Team Edgar:

Cory Anderson
Patrick Walsh
Matt Van Buren
Todd Monaghan
Ian Stephens
Dhiego Lima
Eddie Gorman
Hector Urbina

Team Penn:

Anton Berzin
Josh Clarke
Daniel Spohn
Chris Fields
Mike King
Tim Williams
Cathal Pendred
Roger Zapata

Team Penn leads 2-0.

Stay tuned next week as tempers flare between members of Team Edgar on the heels of their second straight loss. Fighters get fed up with Matt Van Buren's constant trash talk. Edgar picks Tim Williams to win the tournament. Then we get our second middleweight elimination fight!

See you in seven!

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