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UFC 172 results: Jon Jones trolls Instagram, gets last laugh over Chuck Liddell and Phil Davis

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It's safe to assume Jon's latest Instagram posts weren't made by one of his assistants.

Scott Cunningham

In the days leading up to his seventh consecutive title defense, most recently against Glover Teixeira at UFC 172, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones had to fight off countless verbal attacks.

And no, they weren't coming from "G-Tex."

Chuck Liddell and Phil Davis never wasted an opportunity to spit fire in the direction of "Bones," with "Mr. Wonderful" going as far as saying he would break him like a "sugar cookie," while "The Iceman" claimed he would have knocked Jon out in his prime.

But after the champ took care of business in Baltimore, Maryland, dominating Teixeira for five rounds (recap), Jones took the opportunity to fire back at two if his biggest critics via Instagram.

19 hours ago

Talking all that trash before the fight.. you mad bro?

As for Davis losing to Anthony Johnson in the co-main event after "Mr. Wonderful" seemed more interested in badmouthing him, Jones took it a step further.

17 hours ago

Crumble me like a cookie?

Like a true champion, Jones, for the most part, steered clear of the distractions prior to his showdown against Teixeira. He did, however, offer Liddell a "super fight" against him to prove his theory.

As they say, those who laugh last, laugh best.