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Glover Teixeira 'disfigured' shoulder injury at UFC 172 explained by John Hackelman, MRI set for Wednesday

As Jon Jones proved at UFC 172, sometimes the best defense is a good offense, as "Bones" used a shoulder crank to effectively disable Glover Teixeira's punching power.

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Any chance Glover Teixeira had of knocking out Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 172, which took place last Saturday night (April 26, 2014) in Baltimore, Maryland, went right out the window by the end of the first round, thanks to a shoulder crank applied by the reigning light heavyweight champion.

In short, G-Tex had to compete injured for most of the fight.

He's not making excuses for the loss, as head coach John Hackelman explains, because "Bones" is the guy responsible for inflicting that injury -- among others -- en route to a dominating five round win in "Charm City," for what amounts to his seventh consecutive title defense.

Hack breaks it down in the video below:

Transcribed by MMA Fighting:

"I've never seen Glover lose a fight like this. I've never seen Glover bleeding. I've never seen Glover hurt so bad. Glover hurt his right shoulder really bad the first round. The first round! That's not an excuse, because Jon Jones hurt his shoulder. Jon Jones hurt Glover's shoulder in the tie up on the clinch against the cage, tweaked his shoulder and he hurt it. So Glover couldn't use his right hand very well. You see me in the corner trying to get him to throw that right hand harder. He told me, 'Hey, can you get some ice on it?' Sometimes he has shoulder problems, but it's just from training them too much. [During the fight] he never said he had an actual torn ligament or torn tendon so we found that out after. It was obvious. It was actually disfigured and swollen. You could tell something was seriously wrong with it. He's going to have an MRI Wednesday."

Watch the video highlights of their championship tussle right here.

Teixeira heads to the back of the line following his Baltimore beatdown and also complained of a busted rib. The extent of the Brazilian's injuries is not yet know, but the former light heavyweight number one contender is expected to have an MRI on Wednesday.

Jones, meanwhile, moves on to rematch Alexander Gustafsson later this year.

For full UFC 172 results, along with news, notes and other items of interest from last Saturday night's pay-per-view (PPV), check out our "Jones vs. Teixeira" live story stream here.

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