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They Said What?!?! UFC 172: 'Jones vs. Teixeira' edition

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It's time to round up all the remarkable and offbeat quotes from the competitors of UFC 172: "Jones vs. Teixeira," which took place last night (Sat., April 26, 2014) at Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Find out what a number of fighters had to say ahead of their fights, below.

Esther Lin

Fighters say the craziest things, don't they?

UFC 172: "Jones vs. Teixeira" took place last night (Sat., April 26, 2014) at Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, and the event turned out to be pretty damn sweet.

The main event saw Jon Jones brutalize Glover Teixeira in a five-round war to retain his UFC light heavyweight championship. "Bones" took the Brazilian into deep waters and lashed out a beating on his foe (highlights here).

Anthony Johnson made a successful comeback against Phil Davis, winning their co-main event battle by unanimous decision. "Rumble" looked superb in all areas of the fight, shucking off takedowns and controlling the stand up (highlights here).

Also on the card, Luke Rockhold tapped Tim Boetsch in just over two minutes, Jim Miller put Yancy Medeiros to sleep, and Max Holloway submitted Andre Fili in a scrappy opener.

Before all the mixed martial arts (MMA) action unfolded inside the Octagon, there were promotional appearances to generate awareness for -- and interest in -- a trip to Baltimore. Fighters said this and that, answering questions galore when all they really wanted to do is be left alone and not be bothered. does a pretty good job of passing along all the noteworthy pre- and post-fight comments for each event. But, as we've done before, let us look back at the words that left the fighters' mouths before they stepped into the cage last weekend.

"I have faced a lot of guys who are similar to Glover but I'm pretty positive he hasn't faced anyone like me. This isn't the first time that I've heard a fighter say that beating me is more important to them than getting the belt. But for me, it's not about what their psychology is. I'm a pretty goal-oriented guy myself. This belt is going to remain with me for a long time."

-- You can say that again.

Jones cemented his status as the most dominant light heavyweight in UFC history by beating Teixeira, and until he dukes it out against Alexander Gustafsson for a second time, we're safe to call him the greatest fighter in the world today.

"I'm back now so I'm glad to be where I'm supposed to be. Since I left the UFC I've had a six-fight win streak now. Every time I swing, every time I punch, everything that I do is 100 percent. When I fight, I actually do want to hurt the person as much as I can. He's a superior athlete, he's well rounded, but I don't see him beating me in anything. I'm not worried about how good Phil can wrestle. This isn't a wrestling match, this is a fight."

-- Johnson's comments are on the money because if you watched his fight against Davis last night, wrestling wasn't an issue whatsoever. "Rumble" brushed off and tossed Davis whenever he would shoot in, and in his return back to UFC, he proved he's as good as ever in a division that suits him best.

"I really was looking to redeem myself from my first loss against Rashad Evans. I don't get discouraged no matter who a guy is. I'll stand and trade with anybody. I'm looking to submit, I'm looking to finish the fight as soon as possible. I know I'm going to be the best in the world and that means beating everybody."

-- Davis talked a lot before this fight but sadly for him, he couldn't deliver in what should have been the most important fight of his career, particularly if he ever wants to contend for a light heavyweight championship. Maybe Jon Jones was right -- it's possible that "Mr. Wonderful" was simply out of focus.

"He hasn't fought anybody like me and he's going to realize that once we step in the cage. This fight could potentially be worse for Boetsch than it was for (Costa) Philippou. That's how I always plan it in my head. I'm prepared for a war but I plan on just destroying whoever is in front of me."

-- Rockhold pretty much summed up Boetsch's night accordingly. The Californian wasted no time in submitting "The Barbarian," putting the middleweight division on notice and presumably enjoying a hefty steak dinner before closing time.

"We really look at what we expect from Luke and we know he's a tall guy. He's going to have a reach advantage. That's one thing that I'm going to have to nullify. I'm going to do that by taking the clinch on him. The dirty boxing side of things is something I really enjoy. There's going to be a clinch in every fight and I feel like I'm going to win those positions every time. Luke's a very tough fighter, a former world champion. I'm really looking forward to knocking him out."

-- Those were comments made by Boetsch and although it's not best to pile on the misery, "The Barbarian" didn't even have a chance to perform one percent of what he claimed to do. Better luck next time.

That's a wrap, fight fans.

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