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Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira fight results UFC 172, Round 5

Immediately, Jones grabbed a takedown. Teixeira got to his feet walking along the cage. This only served to give Jones the chance to break away and land hard elbows again.

They started outright banging it out against the cage, exchanging fists and having a gay old time. Some landed, some didn't, but the one constant was Glover's mouthpiece getting sent flying.

The referee warned him.

Jones attacked with elbows, from various angles. Teixeira responded with an uppercut that connected but not with nearly enough power to put "Bones" away. The champion had effectively wore the challenger down by leaning on him against the fence and peppering with elbows.

With 30 seconds left, Jones ran away. With 10 seconds left, he threw a wheel kick. With 5 seconds left, he celebrated going into the horn.


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