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Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira fight results UFC 172, Round 4

Teixeira opened with a high kick that missed. He was more aggressive early here, moving in and firing straight punches. Jones did well enough to avoid and after doing so, pushed the Brazilian against the cage and went about working from there.

Glover tried to go low to grab a leg but Jones' base was too strong.

Back against the fence they went, and again Teixeira was overpowered. He got his mouthpiece knocked out for the second time in the fight, causing a brief stoppage.

Jones continually put his left hand out -- fingers fully extended -- to push on Teixeira's head, all while Glover failed to find a way to slip some punches in. Jones was the only one landing any significant offense, and that was relegated to elbows from the clinch.

They went back and forth against the fence, Jones throwing elbows while Glover threw punches from the outside. The champ snagged a quick takedown to close the round.

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