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Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira fight results UFC 172, Round 3

Jones was firing the jab early. Teixeira was going to the body.

Glover was letting his hands go but he was consistently coming up short or missing too high or wide. If the accuracy was there, maybe things would have been different but it wasn't.

They tied up against the fence and it was mostly a stalemate until they broke and Glover landed a hard uppercut. In the center, "Bones" went back to throwing elbows before clinching again, where he pushed his foe against the fence and threw knees.

All the while, the commentary desk wondered if an injury was to blame for Jones' offensive game.

Teixeira looked outmatched in this round, losing the exchanges and getting battered up against the fence. By the horn, he was busted up and bleeding.

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