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Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira fight results UFC 172, Round 1

They touched gloves and Glover immediately fired a hard right. He kept with it, too, but Jones was right there firing off kicks.

Shockingly, Teixeira was getting inside when he wanted to. "Bones" landed a hard knee, then shot in for a takedown that was stuffed. The action slowed down considerably, with Jones again working a clinch but bending the Brazilian's arm at an awkward angle standing up.


Glover fired off with shots anyway. Jones came in with an uppercut that missed but followed with a head kick that almost hit the sweet spot.

Teixeira came in with the overhand rights but he wasn't landing. Jones was throwing his trademark kicks to the knee, the borderline awful fighting technique that makes everyone uncomfortable.

Jones got a takedown after catching a kick but he couldn't keep Glover down. He briefly threatened with a choke but nothing was there.

Back standing, Jones went to the body with a hard kick. Glover responded by rushing the champion but he couldn't connect with "Bones" backing away and keeping distance.

Jones threatened with a flying knee to end the first round.

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