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Pic: Jon Jones and Rashad Evans all smiles after burying the hatchet backstage at UFC 172 weigh ins

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Time, it would seem, heals all wounds.

Photo by Ryan Loco

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones and former 205-pound kingpin Rashad Evans are apparently back on good terms.

"Bones" happened to cross paths with "Suga" backstage at the UFC 172 weigh in event (video here). The former was preparing to tip the scale for his upcoming main event against Glover Teixeira, while the latter was there to support fellow Blackzilian Anthony Johnson, who throws hands against Phil Davis tomorrow night (April 26, 2014) inside Maryland's Baltimore Arena.

Evans documented their encounter on Instagram, along with a pic from veteran shutterbug Ryan Loco:

It's been a long time since @jonnybones and myself got a chance to catch up. I'm glad we did! If you are blessed enough, life has a way of bringing you around again. Good luck tomorrow @jonnybones! Living the blessed life! #ufc172

Jones responded on Twitter with, "All respect @SugaRashadEvans that was great."

After a public and messy break up between the former training partners, one that saw Evans "divorce" himself from Greg Jackson's MMA camp in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jones was able to beat "Suga" in their five-round championship grudge match at UFC 145.

All's well that ends well.

Evans still hopes to get one more crack at the crown, but who will be holding it after the UFC 172 main event, remains to be seen (results here). In addition, the former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) champ has some work to do if he hopes to cut in front of a very crowded light heavyweight line.

And if Jones and Evans can bury the hatchet ... maybe there's still hope for these two?