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UFC Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 episode 2 results recap for 'Team Edgar vs Team Penn' on FOX Sports 1

Will Cathal Pendred prove he belongs on TUF, or will Hector Urbina give him a belated send off?


Episode two of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 gets underway with a brief recap of last week's elimination round.

The new recruits are transported to the TUF house and as expected, the focus is on Cathal Pendred, specifically because he earned a spot in the competition without having to fight, due to some pre-show shenanigans on episode one.

He's got to prove himself now, however, and Hector Urbina has been tasked with turning him away.

The gang heads over to the TUF gym the following morning and first up is coach BJ Penn, who is back in front of the cameras after a stint opposite Jens Pulver way back on season five. We also get to meet his coaching staff, including Mark Coleman and Andre Pederneiras.

1-2-3 TEAM PENN.

On the other side of the bracket, coach Frankie Edgar drags his crew into the facility. "The Answer" talks about auditioning for the show -- and not making it -- and now coming back as a coach so many years later. His coaching staff is comprised of Mark Henry (not the WWE wrestler) and Ricardo Almeida, among others.

1-2-3 PRIDE.

Pendred hangs an Irish flag above his bunk and talks about being a role model for the young Irish fighters looking to follow in his footsteps. He'll have to get past Urbina, first, and coach Penn wants him to turn it into a street fight instead of letting the fight hit the floor.

Urbina gets labeled as a typical "Mexican fighter" by his roommate and it's actually meant as a compliment, in that he's a fighter at heart and is always ready to scrap, a sentiment echoed by guys like Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez throughout their UFC careers.

Coach Edgar says the gameplan is to let Hector "fight his fight."

Sounds airtight.

Things gets a little heated at the weigh in and oh hey look, it's deposed NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer! Anyway, Urbina and Pendred come nose-to-nose and Hector blows a gasket, screaming some kind of tough talk in his native tongue while the bleachers egg him on.

Pendred, meanwhile, was cool as a cucumber.

Both guys are shown warming up backstage and we run through a battery of interviews from each team, with different opinions as to who will win. The prevailing wisdom seems to be that Pendred is going to run right over him. We shall see.

Middleweight elimination fight #1: Cathal Pendred (Team Penn) vs. Hector Urbina (Team Edgar)

Round 1: No touch of gloves and Pendred runs in with an uppercut. Urbina ties him up but can't take it south. They hug and go the fence. Urbina shoots and gets stuffed. They reset and Urbina lands a few to the dome. Pendred eats them and they once again tie up and go to the cage. Knee to the bread basket for Urbina, who tries to punch his way out and lands flush, sending Pendred to the floor is a dazed heap. He tries to pound him out but can't, so picks him up and slams him down. Pendred in all kinds of trouble. Urbina grabs an arm and cranks a kimura DEEP but Pendred survives. He tries to get to his feet and Urbina sinks in a tight guillotine. He can't finish it and Pendred somehow breaks free. Now they are in the center of the cage swinging wild and hands are low on both sides. Urbina swings and misses then shoots, but nothing there so they start hugging against the fence. They break apart and the punches are flying in bunches. Urbina once again shoots and gets the takedown, but Pendred pops back up. More wall and stall. Pendred resets and rattles off a few before they hug it out until the bell. Wild first round. 10-9 Urbina.

Round 2: Urbina with a kick that swings wide. Pendred tries the Uriah Hall spinning back kick and fails, but then turns the tables and takes Urbina down. Hector gives up his back and eats what looks to be an illegal knee. "That was close," warns referee Steve Mazzagatti. Front choke from Pendred and Urbina escapes. He gets to his feet and gets punched, so he changes levels and takes Pendred down. Cathal muscles free and they jockey for position against the fence. Urbina goes for a risky guillotine but loses it and gives up position when they crash to the floor. Pendred back to the front choke and does nothing with it. Urbina stands and eats a few knees. Some legal, some not. They finally separate and try to slug it out but somehow Pendred gets that awful front headlock again. Urbina reverses at the bell. 10-9 Pendred. Ugly.

Round 3: They trade shots in the center of the cage and Pendred shoots and gets the takedown against the cage. Oh cool, another headlock. Nothing happens for about a minute. They look like mating frogs. Even coach "Hammer" is asking for some points. Edgar screaming at Hector to get up. Not sure why Mazz isn't standing this up. Okay finally Urbina is up and nope, he's back down. Front headlock IN DA HOWSE. The crowd starts singing. This is awful. Urbina stands up and they break away. Urbina swings and misses and gets taken down. FRONT HEADLOCK AGAIN. Pendred is lucky Dana White is not there. Round ends with Urbina getting mugged. Garbage. Mazzagatti says "good fight." He's a liar. 10-9 Pendred.

Final result: Pendred def. Urbina via decision

We go right into our next fight announcement -- with Team Penn in control -- and Daniel Spohn will fight Todd Monaghan in 205-pound action.

Here's where we stand after two episodes:

Team Edgar:

Cory Anderson
Patrick Walsh
Matt Van Buren
Todd Monaghan
Ian Stephens
Dhiego Lima
Eddie Gorman
Hector Urbina

Team Penn:

Anton Berzin
Josh Clarke
Daniel Spohn
Chris Fields
Mike King
Tim Williams
Cathal Pendred
Roger Zapata

Team Penn leads 1-0.

Stay tuned next week as Monaghan holds a church service, Pendred calls him out for his religious beliefs, and Renzo Gracie shows up to school Team Edgar. Then we get the first light heavyweight elimination fight!

See you in seven!

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