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UFC 172 results, LIVE online PPV streaming fight coverage for 'Jones vs Teixeira' on April 26 in Baltimore

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend (Sat., March 15, 2014) with UFC 172 from Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Get complete, official "Hendricks vs. Lawler" event results, live updates and real-time coverage right here on fight night!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend (Sat., April 26, 2014) with the best fighter on its roster, Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who puts his 205-pound title on the line against Glover Teixeira in the main event of UFC 172, which will emanate from Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Don't be surprised if we leave the pay-per-view (PPV) event with another top division contender, too, if Phil Davis can spoil Anthony Johnson's Octagon return, while Luke Rockhold and Tim Boetsch look to compile back-to-back wins at each others' expense in a Middleweight showdown.

All that and much, much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 172 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET, right on through the FOX Sports 1-televised under card bouts at 8 p.m. ET and then main card PPV, which is slated to begin at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 172) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Jones vs Teixeira."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 172 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Yon Olde Braiterman is here the whole evening long.


UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira -- Jones wins via decision (50-45 x3)
205 lbs.: Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson -- Johnson wins via decision (30-27 x3)
185 lbs.: Tim Boetsch vs. Luke Rockhold -- Rockhold wins via submission (kimura) - 2:08 rd 1
155 lbs.: Yancy Medeiros vs. Jim Miller -- Miller wins via submission (guillotine) - 3:18 rd 1
145 lbs.: Andre Fili vs. Max Holloway -- Holloway wins via submission (guillotine) - 3:39 rd 3
125 lbs.: Joseph Benavidez vs. Timothy Elliott -- Benavidez wins via submission (guillotine) - 4:08 rd 1
155 lbs.: Takanori Gomi vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg -- Gomi wins via decision (29-28 x3)
135 lbs.: Bethe Correia vs. Jessamyn Duke -- Correia wins via decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
155 lbs.: Joe Ellenberger vs. Vagner Rocha
155 lbs.: Charlie Brenneman vs. Danny Castillo -- Castillo wins via KO (punch) - 0:21 rd 2
135 lbs.: Chris Beal vs. Patrick Williams -- Beal wins via KO (flying knee) - 1:51 rd 2


Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira

Round one: Wow. Jones just did a squirrel dance a'la Ray Lewis. Talk about pandering to the Baltimore crowd. Tex in black, Jones in red and the ref is big ol' Tan Dan. Oh, I love me some championship fights. Jones opens up with a body kick and Tex swings an overhand. Uppercut from Tex and a knee from Jones. Jon shoots and it gets stuffed. Tex gets in a knee. Right to the body from Tex. He catches a Bones front kick and they tie up. They separate with no damage. Right from Glover. Tex shoots and bails. They clinch but separate again. Oblique kick from the champ. Jones with a sweet little Brazilian kick. Minor eye poke from Bones and they pause the action. They resume and Tex swings some bombs. Left from Jones and a shin kick. Tex with a body kick that Jones catches and takes down. Tex stands and is up with no damage taken. Jones switches to southpaw briefly. Hook from Tex. Jab from Jones. Spinning back kick to the body from Jones. Tex chasing and Jones on his bike avoiding damage. Tex swings a right that misses. Axe kick from Jones at the end.

10-9 Jones in a close, close round.

Round two: Jones shoots a single and Tex is able to get his hips down and stuff it. Front kick to the leg from Bones. Left from Jone gets in. Jones opening up a bit, but Tex avoiding the quick strike attempts. Jones avoids and tries an axe kick again. Couple of front kicks to the lower leg of Tex. Elbow from Jones and he's fishing for the head of Tex. Then... an eyepoke that gets Jones a "final warning" from Mirg. Tex gets in a left and Jones backs up, but avoids the brief swarm and is OK. Head kick from Jones. They clinch and Tex is getting in uppercuts while Jones is getting in elbows and a nice left hook. Tex shoots to close the distance, but can't get it. Oblique kick from Jon. Times three. Spinning back kick from the champ. Tex backed up to the cage. Jones risking the point by extending the hand on Tex's head. Jones misses a spinning heel kick at the buzzer.

10-9 Jones, but again, it's close.

Round three: Glover had an icepack on his right shoulder in between rounds. Right from Jones. Double jab, too. Tex gets in a couple body punches. Knee from Jones to the body. Jones avoids the combo from Tex. Uppercut from Jon. Takedown attempt from Jones and he gets the bodylock in. Tex turns into him against the cage. Three, four uppercuts from Tex in the clinch and Jones backs off. Watch those fingers, Jon... Clinch again, uppercut from Tex and Elbow from Jones. Tex with a couple more uppercuts, but he's not getting much hip into them. Glover is bleeding. The pace slows here with 90 seconds left. Left from Jones on the break. Lead left from Bones and a liver kick into a clinch. Nice right from the champ. Two lefts now from Jones. Tex gets a right in.

10-9 Jones

Round four: That's a big cut over Tex's right eye. Jones with a left hook at it. Jones ducks under, but backs off and lands a right. Nice uppercut from Tex in a clinch up against the cage. He misses a huge spinning backfist. Tex tries a takedown briefly but gives that up. Elbow from Jon. They separate. Trade of jabs and Glover's mouthpiece drops from the impact. Backhand from Jones. Jones misses a step-in knee. Low kick inside from Jones. Lead elbow. Another axe kick and a mean front leg side kick to the thigh. Uppercut from Bones. Another. Right-left-right from Tex, but the latter two don't connect. They trade knees in a clinch up against the fence. There's the spinning elbow from Jones and a nice right elbow. Uppercut lands for the challenger. One from the champ and he slices and dices with three elbows. Four. Body punches and another elbow. Jones is dominating this round completely. Jones gets a takedown with a few seconds left and tries to swim in some GNP to little effect.

10-9 Jones

Round five: Jab from Jones and a takedown to open the round from Jones. Jones is fishing for the head, but doesn't get it. Glover's up and he's bleeding but good. Spinning elbow connects. Clinch work against the fence and Jones looks like me might just be eating up some clock. Tex with a couple of punches. Jones comes back with some big lefts and rights. Wow. They're winging back and forth and out comes Tex's mouthpiece again. Jones is manhandling the power here. Jones shoulder rolls a punch away. Tex gets in a nice right. Bones tries the Anderson Silva Ong Bak elbow, but misses. Big lefts from Jones and a right from Tex. Another elbow from Jones and a jab. Tex is tired as hell, but avoids a jump knee from the champ. Clinch again and Tex throws a nice uppercut. Jones just stands there with his arms covering his face for a few seconds, but Tex seems confused and doesn't get in anything other than a body front kick. Jones eating time here on his bike. Jones waits for the ten second clap and then tosses out some offense before raising his hands in victory.

10-9 Jones

Final result: Jon Jones wins via decision (unanimous) 50-45 x3


205 lbs.: Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson

Round one: Johnson in white, Davis in his customary pink. Dean the man in charge. Davis circling away from the power side of Rumble. They clinch and Davis eats an uppercut. Davis drops down and gets stuffed. Davis gets in a nice right. Johnson with a low kick. Davis feinting. Johnson gets in a short right, but misses a big left. Leg kick from Anthony. Liver kick from Davis and Johnson counters him with a punch. Davis shoots, but gets stoned. Johnson with some big punches on the ground that busts open Davis. Davis shoots again on a kick. Eats the kick, can't get Rumble down. Johnson staking here. Davis with a low kick, Rumble with a left lead.

10-9 Johnson

Round two: Johnson looks to be in good shape still. Snapping leg kicks from both men. Rumble misses a big right. Davis with a jab. Rumble with a headkick that gets blocked. Davis shoots and runs into the Wall of Rumble. Low kick from Davis. Short right from Rumble again. 1-1-2 from Johnson, but nothing is solid. Davis with a superman punch. Another. Davis has looked BETTER this round, but he's not really doing much to win this round either. Right from Rumble. Davis with one, too. Davis fails on ANOTHER takedown. Right from Davis gets in.

10-9 Johnson

Round three: Rumble with a straight right to the body. Stiff jab from Johnson. Yet another takedown defended by the former welterweight. Davis gets a clinch to the cage, but Rumble gets in a stiff knee that moves Davis back to center cage. Davis with a right. Rumble with a leg kick and a right and a stuffed takedown - 7 for 7 now. Davis needs to go for bonkers here or he's going to just lose a dominant decision. Davis misses a headkick too high. Johnson shucks off the takedown attempt and just misses a haymaker. Johnson tries to get cute and take Davis down, but that doesn't go anywhere. Phil tries a single... and fails. Again. Jab from Davis. They trade rights that don't go anywhere. Rumble trying another takedown at the end that goes nowhere.

10-9 Johnson

Final result: Anthony Johnson wins via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3


185 lbs.: Tim Boetsch vs. Luke Rockhold

Round one: Well, I'm rooting for Rockhold, since Boetsch walked out to Kid Rock. Boetsch in black & red, Rockhold in black & blue. We get Yamasaki again. Rockhold takes center cage, but Boetsch with the first strike - a kick to the left side of Rockhold's body. Boetsch tries for a takedown, but Rockhold scrambles and locks on a reverse triangle. Rockhold throwing elbows to the side of Boetsch. Rockhold fishing for a kimura as well. Boetsch turns to defend the kimura and gets out of the triangle into a leg scissors, but Rockhold stays with it and goes back to the triangle. Boetsch shifts but that frees up the kimura... and Boetsch taps! Kimura from the reverse triangle position, wow!

Final result: Luke Rockhold wins via submission (Kimura) at 2:08 of round 1


155 lbs.: Yancy Medeiros vs. Jim Miller

Round one: Miller in blue, Yancy in white, Yamasaki the third man in the cage. Miller takes the center and paws out a jab. Neither man has landed much clean so far a minute in. Front kick from Yancy. Lotta feinting and feeling out. Miller gets a kick to the body in, but not clean again. Superman punch from Yancy. Low kick stumbles Yancy. Body shot hurts Yancy and Miller pushes forward with a 3-2. Miller with a trip takedown and he jumps for a guillotine.... Yancy's fighting HARD to get out... Miller rolls him over and Yancy goes out cold. Welcome to UFC 172 - Guillotine!

Final result: Jim Miller wins via submission (guillotine) at 3:18 of round 1


145 lbs.: Andre Fili vs. Max Holloway

Round one: Thing I will not miss when it goes away: Nu-Metal UFC intro. Pain into pieces sucks, always has sucked and always will. End our own suffering. Fili with the Alpha Male piano key belt. Holloway in black, Fili in dark green, Mulhall the ref. Holloway with a nice counter right to open up. Fili gets in a leg kick. Holloway kicks to the body. Inside leg kick from Fili and another. Fili slips a couple punches and leg kicks again. Left from Fili wobbles Max briefly. Leg kick from Fili catches Holloway off balance and he's down, but he pops up. Two body shots from Fili and a jab. Holloway with a left. They trade in the pocket. Right from Max. Another one. Fili slips that one. Another leg kick from Fili and a takedown. Holloway gets right back up. Knee from Max. Kick from Fili. Fili gets a body kick caught and eats a head kick from Holloway on the scramble away. They trade knees in the clinch.

10-9 Fili

Round two: Front kick from Holloway. Jab from him, too and a spin kick to the body gets Fili right in the midsection. Clinching now and big knees from Max. Jab from Fili. Fili gets a low kick countered with an overhand that glances. Fili gets a body kick caught and tries for a flying armbar that doesn't go anywhere. He stands before Holloway can do anything. Right from Holloway and he stuffs Fili's takedown attempt. Nice elbow from Max. Quick 1-2 from Holloway and he gets the 2 in. Fili eats a knee but gets the takedown into Holloway's guard. Fairly quick standup from Mulhall here - he had a questionable one in the Duke/Correia tilt as well. There's the spinning back kick to the body again. Fili slips and tries to get a takedown, but can't get it. Fili tries another and can't get that either. They trade knees as the round ends.

10-9 Holloway

Round three: Jab and straight trading here to start. Holloway fakes a takedown but doesn't land the big shot. Leg kick and a single leg attempt from Fili that fails again. Holloway tried the spin attack again and ate a leg kick that halted him midway. Fili finally times the takedown attempt right and gets it. Into Holloway's guard... and Holloway stands. Holloway tries a trip that doesn't land. Nice right from him, however. Jab from Fili, but no on the takedown again. Another and Max is shooting for a guillotine. No dice. Fili still working for the grappling and not getting it. Max with four short lefts. Fili breaks again and Max gets in a NICE uppercut that rocks Fili. Fili shoots but sticks his neck out and Holloway grabs a guillotine. He rolls and taps! Mulhall misses it, but he taps some more in a different position and the fight is stopped.

Final result: Max Holloway wins via submission (guillotine) at 3:39 of round 3



125 lbs.: Joseph Benavidez vs. Timothy Elliott

Round one: I'm still surprised this isn't on the PPV portion, but whatever. Elliott in white, Joe in black. Mario Yamasaki in the cage now. Elliott coming after Joe but nearly falls into a guillotine. He gets out and lands a knee. Great sweep takedown from Elliott. They scramble and Elliot gets a crucifix. Benavidez gets out and gets guard for a brief minute but Elliott postures and is throwing constant GNP. Joe B with the body kick. Elliott ducks under into a huge takedown. Side control. Joe scrambles and reverses. Benavidez on top fishing for the neck. Joe on top in half guard still looking for the guillotine from top. Joe tries to mount, but can't, despite multiple attempts. THERE'S the mount and he's got the choke - donezo. Elliott is thrashing around like a fish out of water and taps. Wow, Elliott was actually tapping with his feet because both hand were trapped.

Final result: Joe Benavidez wins via submission (guillotine) at 4:08 of round 1


155 lbs.: Takanori Gomi vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Round one: Flagg in white, Gomi in black & red and the ref is Dean. Flagg with a leg kick and... there goes my cable. I'm back with half the round gone and Flagg trips on a leg kick. Gomi in half guard and Flagg regains full. Flagg throwing elbows from bottom and is scooting away. Gomi gets his back and is getting work in now. Lefts to the side of Flagg's head and he puts an elbow under the chin for a moment. Flagg spins and gets up. Left from Gomi. Big leg kick from Gomi. And a right. Body kick from Flagg. No real clue how to score this as I missed half the round, so I won't.

Round two: Flagg with a leg kick to the inside. Right from Gomi. Another as a counter to a Flagg leg kick. Nice jab from Gomi and a right from IVF. Big leg kick from Gomi and a left. Gomi with two jabs. Gomi got a nice liver shot in that makes Flagg drop his elbow to cover up. Counter hook from Gomi. Nice right from Flagg and a left from Gomi. Three-piece from Gomi. They clinch with Flagg's back to the cage. Gomi breaks away.Gomi just misses a huge right and lands another. Nice leg kick from him, too. Straight from IVF. Flagg might have a broken orbital as his eye is closing post haste.

10-9 Gomi

Round three: Flagg's got a moose on his right eye. Gomi is gunning for it now. Body-head for Gomi. Flagg with a couple rights and Gomi stumbles. Flagg is on top getting in a ton of free shots on Gomi. Gomi finally stands and clinches. Knee to the body from the Fireball Kid. IVF reverses and gets in a bunch of knees to the leg. Gomi reverses. Flagg reverses again and they finally break. They're trading now and Flagg seems to get the better of that trade. Clinch again. Lotta small infighting from both men and they break apart. Gomi with a nice double jab, uppercut and right combo. Flagg is leaking bad here, but still coming forward. Dirty boxing here as both men jockey for position. Gomi gets the back and a body lock. Flagg gets back and he takes the back and rips him down. Gomi gets back on top but eats some elbows from the bottom.

10-9 Gomi in a close one.

Final result: Takanori Gomi wins via decision (unanimous) 29-28 x3


135 lbs.: Bethe Correia vs. Jessamyn Duke

Round one: Correia in black, Duke in green and the ref is Kevin Mulhall. That's pronounced "ko hey uh", for the record. 9 inch reach advantage for Duke in this. Jabs from Duke, Correia with a couple low kicks. Bethe can't connect on an overhand. Duke being a bit gun shy so far. Another leg kick from Bethe. Duke has a really large base and Bethe is kicking the outside leg kick to the knee over and over. Correia gets a spinning backfist in. And a right to get out of a clinch. Duke gets in an inside leg kick and Correia returns fire with an overhand. Clinch and Duke gets Correia down with a whizzer. The Brazilian gets to her feet immediately. Bethe closes the gap with a left. Duke gets a nice uppercut and hook combo in. Leg kicks from Correia to end the round.

10-9 Correia

Round two: Bethe gets in a couple of nice rights, as Duke can't keep her at range. Another leg kick. They clinch and Correia can't land a takedown. Duke gets a knee in to the belly. Duke with another whizzer takedown. She jumps for a guillotine and loses it and Correia is on top in side control now. Duke trying to regain half, but count. Bethe holding position and getting in some short shots. Bethe transitions to the back, but that allows Duke to stand. Big judo hip toss from Duke, but Correia is able to stand. Clinch and Correia gets in a right while Duke lands an elbow. Another right lands for Correia. There's one from Duke. Rogan rightly harping on Duke's lack of a multifaceted attack here as she's only boxing. Although she bashes Correia's head back with a huge jab. She gets in a left, too. Correia gets a left in.

10-9 Correia

Round three: Bethe slips to the left and lands a solid right. Not much to write about here - Bethe landing leg kicks and jumping in punches with consistent regularity as Duke isn't doing much. Duke's not able to land anything fluidly or without eating combos. There's a takedown from Duke, looking for the arm... and she loses it. Bethe on top in guard. Rubber guard from Duke and Correia breaks it. Bethe doing nothing from top for a while and Mulhall stands them.

10-9 Correia

Final result: Bethe Correia wins via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x2, 29-28


155 lbs.: Charlie Brenneman vs. Danny Castillo

Round one: Dan Miragliotta is the ref for this. Brenneman in blue, Castillo in white. Leg kick from Castillo. Shot from Charlie turns it into a single. He backs Castillo into the cage and trips him down. Side control. Nice GNP from Charlie. Nice knees, too. Castillo tried to shuck him off, but Brenneman bounced over into mount. He fished after an arm, but Castillo takes his back. They're now standing with that body lock on. Brenneman grabs the fence to stop a takedown and they're standing back up. Castillo stuffs a takedown. Body kick from Charlie as Danny lands a body punch. Castillo gets in a body kick. Shot from the Spaniard again and he gets it. Brenneman monkeys over onto the back, but Castillo breaks the grip and he has the back. He's fishing for a choke as the round ends.

10-9 Brenneman in another close round.


Final result: Danny Castillo wins via KO (punch) 0:21 of round 2



135 lbs.: Chris Beal vs. Patrick Williams

Round one: Yeesh. Williams auto loses the music battle with the cliched "We Will Rock You" and Beal hasn't even walked out yet. Deal in black, Williams in white and we've got Herb Dean as our ref. There's a right from Beal, but he ate one coming in. Williams with a kick that hurts Beal, and he jumps on his back looking for the rear naked, but Herb breaks it up immediately and allows Beal to recover from what replays show to be a blatant knee to the pills. Leg kick from Williams. Left from Williams and Beal returns fire with one of his own. Uppercut, leg kick and a takedown from Williams into side control. Beal rolls up and gives up his neck that Williams greedily takes. He's trying for a D'arce and gives it up for a knee. Beal lands a solid punch in return. They trade rights. Williams catches a hard body kick and takes him down. Full guard. Beal opens up and stands. Beal stalking now. Uppercut from Williams. Left from Beal and Williams is on his bicycle. Hard leg kick and a takedown from Williams. Nice right from Beal to end the round.

10-9 Beal in a close round

Round two: Williams allows Beal to walk across the cage to him to open the next round. Jab from Beal. Beal bounces off of Herb circling around. Williams lands a body kick, but gets it caught. Beal with some punches as he runs down Williams. Williams circles to get his footing and Beal straight up honey badgers him with no f***s given. Sagat-like flying knee one shot's Williams directly into the land of ghosts and whispers. Good night, Patrick

Final result: Chris Beal wins via KO (flying knee) at 1:51 of round 2


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