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Bellator 117 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Lima vs Hawn' TONIGHT (April 18) on Spike TV

Bellator MMA returns to Spike TV TONIGHT (Fri., April 18, 2014) with "Lima vs. Hawn" from Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Get complete, official Bellator 117 event results, live updates and real-time coverage right here below!

Photo courtesty of Bellator MMA

Bellator's Season 10 continues with "Lima vs. Hawn" live from Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, TONIGHT (Fri., April 18, 2014) on Spike TV. will provide LIVE coverage of the Bellator 117: "Lima vs. Hawn" main card below, starting with quick under card results from at 7 p.m. ET and then round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the Spike TV main card matches, which are schedule to begin at 9 p.m. ET.

In the main event, Douglas Lima takes on Rick Hawn to determine the next Welterweight champion after long-time Ben Askren parted ways with the promotion late last year.

Hawn -- winner of the Season 9 Welterweight tournament -- comes into the fight riding a four-fight win streak. At 37 years of age, this may be the former Olympic judokas last shot at capturing Bellator gold. Standing in his way will be Lima, who won the 170-pound tournament back in Season 8. Like Hawn, Lima has also won his past four in a row, but at 26 years old, he has youth on his side.

Elsewhere on the card the semifinals of the Lightweight tournament will be determined when Patricky Pitbull faces Derek Campos and Marcin Held locks horns with Derek Anderson.

Many of our readers check in before, during and after the warfare to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 117) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Enough of this preamble, let's get to the fights! Check bellow for the latest Bellator 117 results (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


Douglas Lima defeats Rick Hawn via corner stoppage (leg kicks) R2 | 3:19
Patricky Pitbull def. Derek Campos via TKO (punches) R2|0:52
Marcin Held def. Derek Anderson via triangle choke submission R2 | 3:09
Karl Amoussou def. David Gomez via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) R3 | 5:00
Jordan Parsons def. Tim Bazer via KO (punches) R2 | 0:04
Julio Cesar Neves def. Josh Arocho via TKO (strikes) R2 | 2:37
Anthony Smith def. Victor Moreno via Submission (Triangle Choke) R2 | 0:59
Martin Brown def. Jared Downing via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) R3 | 5:00
Larue Burley def. Cliff Wright Jr. via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28) R3 | 5:00
Joe Vedepo def. Ben Crowder via TKO (Knee Injury) R1 | 0:48
Houston Alexander def. Matt Uhde via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) R2 I 5:00


170-pound title fight: Douglas Lima vs. Rick Hawn

Round one: Lima in the black trunks and Hawn wearing the white. Lime is significantly larger as expected. Lima controls the center and looks for the jab. His first leg kick attempt is partially checked. Hawn is moving and feinting a lot but hasn't thrown anything. Solid leg kick lands for Lima. A few glancing punches land for Lima. Hard jab lands for the Brazilian. Hawn finally commits to a right hand, but it's blocked.  Lima lands another hard leg kick, which is the most effective offense of the round. Lima drops Hawn with a leg kick! Hawn tries to wrestle from his knees, but he is stuffed. Hawn's strategy of being patient may not work if he keeps absorbing leg kicks. He falls to another leg kick, and Lima swarms with a big knee and punches. Lima nearly finishes at the end of the round.

10-8 Lima for brutal leg kicks and a near finish.

Round two: Hawn is cut, and his leg has to hurt. He's still moving though. Hard leg kick lands for the Brazilian. It's followed by a teep. Hawn follows to the ground followed by a kick. Now he's limping. Hawn is dropped for the fourth time by a leg kick. Lima goes high with a kick that's blocked. Hawn is dropped once again. There's not a whole lot of reason for this fight to continue. Hawn cannot get inside of Lima's range. Hawn gets hit in the leg again and falls down in a delayed reaction. His corner stops the fight.

Final result: Douglas Lima defeats Rick Hawn via corner stoppage (leg kicks) at 3:19 of round 2.


155-pound tournament semifinal fight: Patricky Pitbull vs. Derek Campos

Round one: Andrew here. Pitbull in the black/white trunks with Campos in the grey. Campos feinting early and lands a few punches. Pitbull lands a hard jab. Campos throwing a lot, but he isn't landing very often. That said, Patricky isn't throwing much at all. Pitbull lands a hard two punch combo. Campos is controlling the center and pressuring Pitbull. He lands a nice combination while Pitbull's back is against the cage. Very active lead hand for "The Stallion," who's starting to find his range. Nice double jab for Campos.

10-9 for Campos on my scorecard.

Round two: Pitbull comes out with a ton of aggression and drops Campos with a left hand. He tries to finish, but Campos recovers and stands. Pitbull lands a HUGE looping shot. Campos is in serious trouble, and now he's mounted. He rolls over to his stomach, stops moving, and the ref stops the fight.

Final result: Pitbull defeats Campo via TKO (punches) at 0:42 at round 2


155-pound tournament semifinal fight: Derek Anderson vs. Marcin Held

Round one: Anderson in the black and Held sporting white shorts. Anderson looking to establish his range with jabs, and Held counters with some wild shots. Held enters the takedown off a left hook and gets it. He goes for a knee bar from the top of half guard. He abandons it for a guard pass to side control. Anderson gets back to half guard, but Held is holding him tight. Held drops back on a heel hook and has it deep. Anderson is controlling his hands, which is keeping him safe.  Anderson lands some hard punches, but his leg is still in some danger. He clears it! Anderson dropping some hard punches from the top in half guard. Held back on a heel hook attempt, and it may be time to test Anderson's declaration that he will not tap. Held uses the leg lock to sweep. Held drops back for another leg lock with fifteen seconds. It allows Anderson to finish the round on top and score a few more punches.

Close round, but I give it to Held 10-9 for the submission attempts and positional control. Anderson landed better punches though.

Round two: Anderson looking to land a long right hand. He stuffs the first takedown attempt. Held is either uncomfortable on his feet or tired. Held drops him! He then lands another solid combination, but Anderson recovers well. His next takedown is easily stuffed. Anderson lands a hard body kick then his right hand. Held is swinging wildly. Held dives for a leg lock roll, and Anderson takes top position in guard. He quickly winds up caught in a triangle. That was a bad decision by Anderson. The triangle is locked in. Anderson resists for a little while, but he eventually taps.

Final result: Marcin Held defeats Derek Anderson via triangle choke submission at 3:09 of round 2.


170-pound feature fight: Karl Amoussou vs. David Gomez

Round one: Amoussou, who will henceforth be refereed to as Psycho, is in the blue and Gomez is in the red. Gomez lands a leg kick, and Psycho returns with one. Psycho is bouncing around and feinting quite a bit, then trying to hop in with a combination. He's clearly the quicker man. A lot of missing by both men so far. Nice counter left hook lands for Psycho. A leg kick for Gomez strays low, but they fight on. Psycho gets too aggressive with some boxing on the inside and gets stumbled a little by a counter. Gomez does not pursue, and he recovers. Psycho is controlling the range with his boxing  well. Some nice jabs and double jabs from Psycho.

10-9 Amoussou for landing more clean punches.

Round two: Psycho opens the second round with some body kicks. He still looks fresh. The Frenchman lands a solid trip from the clinch and lands in full guard. He lands some punches then drops back on a heel hook! It looks tight, but Gomez rolls out and is back to his feet. Gomez does a good job nullifying his opponent's clinch strikes and escaping back to the center of the cage. Psycho is starting to slow down a little bit, and Gomez is landing some hard punches. Psycho lands a strong combination of his own then works back into the clinch. The fight moves back into the center, and both men are tired. Gomez is starting to land his left hook and leg kicks.

Very close round, but I'll give it 10-9 Gomez for doing more damage.

Round three: Another strong leg kick opens the round for Gomez, who seems to be the fresher and busier fighter. Sharp jab lands for Gomez. Psycho really wants a clinch takedown, but he's moving in slow motion. Gomez spins off the cage and lands an uppercut. Psycho starts to land some punches and knees. He then pressures Gomez into the cage. Either Gomez has tired, or Psycho found his second wind. Psycho cannot get a takedown, but his dirty boxing and knees are winning him the fight. Gomez is too tired to escape the clinch. Psycho lets go off the clinch, and the two men swing to the finish.

10-9 Amoussou for his dirty boxing and aggression. Not his best performance, but he should get the win.

Final result: Karl Amoussou defeats David Gomez via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)


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