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UFC President Dana White talks Diaz brothers: 'In a few years, this will be a sad story'

A story White says can have a happy ending, if they only realize they have the chance to make all the money in the world now, before it's too late.


As president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana White has more than a few problems to deal with on a daily basis. Recently, however, Nick and Nate Diaz have been occupying the head honcho's time with their demands for title shots and new contracts.

Nick, who called it quits on his mixed martial arts (MMA) career after losing to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158 in March of 2013 -- his second straight title fight loss -- declared that he would only return to the Octagon for another big fight, preferably another title shot.

Apparently, fighting Hector Lombard wasn't big enough, because according to White, Diaz was offered a fight against "Shango," but has since failed to respond.

As for Nate, he recently asked to be released from UFC after he felt he was "conned" into signing a new deal that didn't pay him enough, seeing as how he's "broke."

Complaints that surfaced after friend and teammate, Gilbert Melendez, inked a lucrative new deal.

Speaking to reporters during a recent media scrum, White vented his frustrations in trying to deal with the Diaz brothers and said should they continue on the rebellious path they're on, their combat story will have a sad ending to it.

His words:

"Nick Diaz has a contract. The whole crazy thing with the Diaz brothers, this is one of those situations that is going to be a sad story in a few years when you look back on it and you're going to say they were two talented kids that had fans and had interest in fighting and they sat out. What people don't realize when you're in the moment and your time is now, guys don't realize until it's over. You will never make that kind of money again for the rest of your life. You should fight as much as you can possibly fight, get as popular as you possible can ever get and make as much money as you possibly can. The Nate Diaz thing, he was in a position where he fought for the title. Then he fought again to put himself back in title contention and got knocked out in that fight. Now he wants a new contract and a title shot and all that. It's just not how this stuff works."

He continues:

"You can sit out, you can talk all you want, you can tweet all you want and you can do whatever you want. The bus is going to pass you by and you're going to be sitting there going, ‘What did I do?' Or maybe they won't. They're the kind of kids that, listen, I get it, you came from the mean streets and you guys are street guys and all that cool shit. I get it. But you gotta play the game a little bit and you got to do what your supposed to do."

As far as Dana is concerned, he is more than willing to hash things out with the duo, but getting a hold of them is a challenge in itself.

He explains:

"You can't talk to these guys. You can't pick up the phone and call these guys. I talked to Nick, I offered him the Lombard fight, he said he was interested in it, then gone, disappears. You can't contact him again. You can't get a hold of him. Listen, this is one of those things, life goes on. Life goes on without anybody. Know what I mean? Presidents of countries leave, die, move on, whatever. The world moves on without you, man. This is your time to make money. This is your time to do all these things. If you just let it pass you by, that's your decision. You're grown men. I heard all the things,‘We don't know how to pay our taxes, we don't know how to buy houses, we don't know how to...' Well, you're grown men. You better figure it out quick because the bus is going to pass you by."

For now, Nick and Nate's fighting careers seem to be in limbo as neither one of them have a fight set in the near future and are seemingly content with continuing their UFC freeze.

And Dana, as well as the sport of MMA, will go on without them.

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