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Wanderlei Silva vs Chael Sonnen fight postponed after injury during 'disgusting' brawl on TUF: 'Brazil 3'

See, that's exactly why professional MMA fighters should keep their hands to themselves outside of the cage.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Chael Sonnen recently challenged Rich Franklin to a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight after claiming that Wanderlei Silva -- Sonnen's opponent for UFC 175 on July 5, 2014 -- asked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) officials to postpone their fight.

A reason or proof for Silva's alleged request, however, was not given.

Until now.

UFC President Dana White didn't confirm when or where the fight would actually take place or whether or not Silva asked for the fight to be delayed even longer, but did reveal that "The Axe Murderer" was hurt.

An injury he suffered during his brawl (watch the video) with Sonnen on the set of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Brazil 3."

White made the revelation during a recent UFC media scrum:

"What happened was, Wanderlei got hurt in that fight. He got double-legged on the concrete. He hurt his back and he hurt his hand punching Chael in the head and he got injured. So, he couldn't fight in time because he got hurt in the fight, fucking coaching the show. It's just disgusting."

After the episode aired, many in the fight community cried foul, claiming the brawl was staged and nothing more than a publicity stunt to hype the fight and sell Fight Pass subscriptions.

According to White, the fight was far form contrived, labeling it a "disgusting" thing that wouldn't' have happened had he been present.

His words:

"There are a bunch of idiots in the media and the internet saying that thing looks contrived. It was far from contrived. That thing was a disgusting display of what shouldn't happen and if I was there that would have never happened."

The much-anticipated grudge match between Sonnen and Silva was originally set to take place on May 31, however, the fight was moved to UFC 175 in Las Vegas, Nevada, which takes place just over a month later. Perhaps to give Silva more time to recuperate from his injuries.

For now, Fourth of July Weekend in "Sin City"  seems to be the date and location for the fight to take place.

Unless, of course, Sonnen's prediction holds true.

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